15 Nutritious Foods That Will Boost Kidneys Functionality Promptly

15 Nutritious Foods That Will Boost Kidneys Functionality Promptly


Did you know that apples can be just as beneficial for your kidneys as berries? And the best part? They have both similar and different characteristics compared to berries.

Just like berries, apples are jam-packed with fiber and antioxidants, but it's hard to pinpoint an exact number due to the many different species available. Furthermore, a study conducted in Belgium showed that women who ate three apples a day for three months had no Urinary Canal Infections (UCIs) at all, unlike the group who didn't consume any apples. This goes to show that apples can give your urethra a much-needed boost in resistance to external influences.

But that's not all. Apples are also great for improving kidney function, especially in dire situations like when dealing with kidney stones. They can make the stones softer, smaller, and easier to pass. It's no wonder why every doctor and clinic recommends them to patients suffering from kidney stones.

Aside from their obvious health benefits, apples also make for a tasty dessert. They contain a healthy amount of fructose that your body can easily digest. So, if you're looking to improve your kidney health, don't make the mistake of avoiding apples.