What Do these Weird Cat Habits Mean?

What Do these Weird Cat Habits Mean?

Cats are amazing creatures and great companions, but sometimes they do things that make you sad. Unlike dogs, cats are socially different, so their behavior may seem odd, but we've compiled a list of "weird" behaviors and why your kitty does it:

1.Biting nails

Cats who bite their nails can be similar to humans - anxious or bored. It could also just be a simple bad habit, or a sign that your cat desperately needs a nail clipper. If it's a bad habit, then you'll have to figure out what's making your cat anxious.

2.Chirping to the birds

Some cats have random habits of chattering about certain birds that fly by. Some researchers claim it's because they're frustrated because they can't get out and catch them. To push this further, some claim it's a natural instinct before killing prey.

3.Chew random items

If your cat is chewing on random non-food items like rugs, plastics, blankets, etc., this is a sign of anxiety. It's similar to a human shaking their legs or spinning their hair when they're nervous. To stop your cat from chewing on random things, you can buy him/her a chew toy. Also, you have to figure out what's causing the anxiety, as casual eating can damage a cat's mouth and digestive system.

4.Sprint around the house

Most cats can run at 31 miles per hour, and when they are confined indoors, they have a lot of suppressed energy. You may see them sprinting randomly around the house and bouncing off objects to drain energy. If your cat does this a lot, you need to play with it or let it out more often.

5.Like small spaces

Almost every cat loves cardboard boxes and tries to squeeze themselves into places they can find. It looks funny, but it's part of their natural instinct to stay safe. Wild cats must survive in the open air, so they prefer small, enclosed spaces for safety. This instinct has always been present in domestic cats with interesting results.

6.Head banging/rubbing you

When a cat head-butts you or rubs you, it's a show of love. It tries to tag you with its smell. It could also be a sign of inviting affection around you. Usually, when you get home, the cat will do this, accompanied by a small, cute meow.

7.Disturb you

Every cat owner knows what it feels like to work or read the newspaper just to make your kitty flop on the desk or sleep on the keyboard. This is your cat seeking your attention and reminding you of its presence. They also do this because your cat likes to relax next to you when you are relaxing.