Seven Kinds of Niche Cats

Seven Kinds of Niche Cats

Do you know? There are more than 1,400 species of dogs on the earth, while there are only more than 40 species of cats, such as Siamese cats, Scottish fold cats, American short-haired cats, British short-haired cats, Ragdoll cats, Persian cats, Garfield cats, Chinchilla cats and Chinese civet cats, etc. are all common in our daily life. Today, we will come to know some relatively niche cat breeds.

1.Abyssinian cat

This kind of cats likes to live alone and is good at climbing trees, light in body, gentle in temperament, very human. They are very smart, and their appearance and personality, like little lions, contrast with each other, making them even cuter. They like to live in a relatively spacious environment, and they don’t want to be confined to a narrow place. No matter you live in an apartment or a family building, as long as you can provide spacious field for it, you can raise this cat with confidence.

2.Tattered cat

Very calm, docile, likes to interact with people, and loves to be hugged by his owner. Their hair is soft, fluffy, and slender, and they look big on the outside, but they are actually very soft and cute. Their cuddly and clingy nature also means they can become boring if not given enough attention and entertainment. If you bring home a tattered cat, you will have to spend several hours a day playing with it.

3.Cornish Rex

It has a lively and docile personality, is good at socializing, and is very close to people. It is also known as the "King of Cornwall Cat" because of its elegant manner. They have a distinctive coat of short, soft, curly, wavy fine layers that feel like velvet and rarely shed, plus a pair of unusually large ears and eyes, which make them look very unique and attract a lot of love.

4.Savannah cat

Mischievous and friendly, gregarious, very loyal and clingy, and very smart. They look like a small cheetah, with slender torsos and limbs. They are supermodels among cats. They have both the physical characteristics of Asian leopard cats and the docile and reliable qualities of domestic cats.

5.Devon regal cat

Friendly, smart, energetic, clingy, rich and sensitive, and very human. They have big ears, big eyes and small faces, with elf-like faces. The hair is short, naturally curly, wavy, and has a variety of colors and patterns. The difference from the curly hair of the Cornish Rex cat is that the hair of the German Rex cat is not so neat, slightly wild, like Poodle or sheep.

6.Maine coon cat

It has a gentle temperament, is close to people, intelligent and independent, and considerate. It has a special skill, which can make a soft chirping sound like a bird, which is very pleasant. They are strong, with thick hair, and they look like Siberian forest cats, and they are also large breeds in cats. It is the kind of cat that looks mighty, but actually has a soft and friendly personality. It is very suitable for accompanying children to grow up together.

7.Siberian forest cat

The Siberian cat has a delightful personality that is outgoing, affectionate, friendly and full of energy making it an exceptional feline companion. They love the company of people and will greet you at the door and follow you throughout the house. Although Siberians are relatively quiet cats, they love to vocalize through sweet, melodic meows, trills, and chirps. They like to get along well with other cats and even dogs, and are also very friendly with gentle, respectful children.