9 World’s Most Athletic Dog Breeds

9 World’s Most Athletic Dog Breeds

There are quite a variety of dog breeds in the world, many of which are created by humans. Regardless of their size or talent, these dogs have an instinct to run, jump, swim, and more, making them the perfect companions for people looking for an enthusiastic four-legged member of an active family. From furry dogs to grotesque dogs. Here are the 8 dog breeds that are the most athletic on earth.

1. Alaskan Malamute

Though often confused with huskies, Alaskan malamutes are larger and bulkier than their sled-dog relatives, as they are supposed to be luggage-carrying dogs, not lean racers. A muscular rally athlete named Delbert set a record in the International Weight Rally Association for pulling over 5,000 pounds in just 16 feet.

2. American pit bull terrier

Often confused with Staffordshire terriers or any number of "bullies," Bulldogs are a distinct breed with a stocky, muscular build used to chase and tame livestock. Bulldogs are naturally athletic rather than aggressive, and they are tough and fearless, making them great adventure companions.

3. Bernese mountain dog

According to the AKC, these big, fluffy couples are "big, powerful, and built for hard work." Bernese bred as Swiss farm dogs are used for a variety of tasks, including guarding and driving cattle. Their muscular hindquarters also make them very good at hauling carts that carry a lot of cargo.

4. Border collie

Energetic and vigorous, Border Collies will go out of their way to accomplish a task and please their owners. According to PetMD, they are bred for strong bones and stamina to cover a lot of ground and open a dime like an English Sheep dog. AKC National Agility Championship and USDAA Show Grand Prix over the past few years to determine that the Border Collie is by far the most agile dog breed.

5. Dalmatian

Dalmatians were originally coined as "carriage dogs," meaning they protected carriages and horses by trotting down the road. This means they are designed for long distance jogging, making them great running and hiking companions.

6. Doberman pinscher

As a German guard dog, the Doberman Pinscher was bred to be fast, strong, responsive and powerful. Despite their muscular, intimidating nature, Doberman pinschers are loyal family pets and protectors.

7. German shepherd

Today, these sheepdogs are used for a variety of tasks due to their high intelligence, strong, athletic physique and confident, quick-thinking personalities. German Shepherds are hard-working, not prone to fatigue and can reach high speeds despite their large size

8. Labrador retriever

According to the AKC, Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular breed in the country for the past five years, beloved for their easy-going nature, enthusiasm and sturdiness. Skilled runners, swimmers, and hunting dogs, labs thrive as exercise companions and working roles such as drug and bomb detection dogs or service dogs.

9. Rottweiler

According to the AKC, the Rottweiler, descended from the mastiffs of the Roman Legion, was a tough, powerful protector. Their athleticism makes them ideal for many heavy-duty jobs, such as herding cattle, pulling carts or police and security work.