8 Ways Your Dog Calls for Help

8 Ways Your Dog Calls for Help

Dogs can't speak, so they use their own body and body language to express they need help. But some owners don't know it's the dog's way of asking for help and think the dog is just showing its love. Here are eight ways to help you understand your dog's call for help.

1. Non-stop coughing

In daily life, dog cough is very common. But if the dog is coughing continuously, the owner needs to pay extra attention. This could be bronchitis, pneumonia, heart problems, or paralysis of the airways.

2. Suddenly walking on one foot

If you see the dog suddenly walks on one foot, you may think the dog is doing acrobatics. This may be lameness caused by dislocation of the dog's joints, and you should not be careless.

3. Non-stop tickling

It is very likely that your dog has been infected with external parasites. A large number of parasites and eggs will be hidden in the dog's hair. It is impossible to completely remove them when the dog just takes a bath. You must use anthelmintic to effectively kill them. And you need to pay more attention to the dog's living environment.

4. Vomiting and diarrhea

Occasional vomiting is normal, but if the dog frequently vomits and has loose stools and diarrhea, it is likely to be caused by gastroenteritis. You can feed some probiotics to regulate its stomach. Usually, it is necessary to make the dog's diet balanced and nutritious, do not let the dog sleep on the floor, and dry the dog's hair in time after taking a bath.

5. Hide

If the dog suddenly doesn't like to be in contact with people and always hides for no reason, you should be vigilant at this time. It is very likely that they are sick or injured. This is a way for them to protect themselves. In order not to be attacked by other animals, dogs usually find a hidden place to hide. So if you find this situation in your dog, it is best to take your dog to the hospital for a checkup.

6. Suddenly become aggressive

If a docile dog suddenly becomes aggressive, it is likely to be caused by pain in a certain part of the body. Because the dog is very vigilant when it is injured or sick, so you need to check the dog's body carefully at this time.

7. Chapped nose

Generally speaking, a normal dog's nose is moist and cool to the touch. If the dog's nose is cracked and peeling and the dog's spirit is not very good, the owner must observe carefully. Because these are all signs that your dog is sick, you must seek medical attention immediately.

8. Frequent rubbing ass

It is normal for the dog rubbing its ass occasionally, but when the dog frequently upturned it's butt, it is likely to have a stomachache or discomfort in the lumbar spine. The dog is rubbing its butt on the ground, which means it is uncomfortable in the anus and is calling for help. If your dog does this, you need to take it for a check right away.