8 Different Cat Behaviors And What They Mean

8 Different Cat Behaviors And What They Mean

As a pet owner, it’s important to take time to understand your furry friend’s language, especially the little cute/weird things they do. Here are 8 different cat behaviors, decoded:

1. She Grooms Your Face At Night

She has a deep affection for you and is expressing ownership. In the feline world, grooming serves as a symbol of social connection, indicating a strong positive sentiment. While it might disrupt your sleep and may seem a bit unappealing, if it becomes bothersome, attempt to guide her attention towards cat toys in a gentle manner.

2. She Chews On Your Fingers

She craves your attention and disapproves of your texting while she is around. Kittens may exhibit this behavior if they were weaned prematurely or are going through the teething phase. It serves as a prompt for you to engage in playtime with her, especially if she has received positive reinforcement in the form of play sessions for such actions in the past.

3. She Chirps Or “Clicks” At Birds Outside

She desires to consume all of them. The peculiar sound may seem amusing, but as per The Humane Society, it's considered an exaggerated form of the 'killing bite,' where a cat captures its prey by the neck and uses its teeth to break through the bones. Adorable, in a way.

4. She Paws At Closed Doors

Your kitty is basically declaring herself the ruler of the roost and isn't a fan of any access restrictions – she's got that curious and territorial spirit, you know? It might be a call for attention or a signal that she's hungry. If she's pawing at your bedroom door at night, try tossing her a bedtime snack or a fun treat puzzle to keep her entertained. Oh, and having a scratching post in your bedroom can be a real game-changer – cats just love to scratch away! It's like their nighttime workout or something.

5. She Makes a Crazy Yowl When She Brings You A Toy

Looks like your feline friend is quite the hunter and wants some kudos for her "kill"! When she pulls this move, it's important to show your appreciation – give her a big thank you and dive into some playtime with the "prize" she brought you. Of course, unless it's a real-deal deceased critter, then maybe a gentle decline is in order!

6. She Puts Toys In Her Food Or Water Dish

Ah, it seems like your clever cat is just playing it safe! According to Pet Place, in her kitty world, the food and water bowls are like her own little territory – a secure spot to stash her treasures. It's kind of like how she'd hide her prized possessions in the wild to keep them away from any potential threats. She's just being a savvy little strategist!

7. She Likes To Perch On Your Shoulder

Seems like your cat is a bit of an independent soul, huh? She's all about getting attention and affection, but strictly on her own terms. Cats, in general, love being up high – it's like their comfort zone, giving them that feeling of safety and control. So, even if she's not a fan of being held, perching on your shoulder is her way of getting in some quality snuggle time – it's like her version of a cozy cuddle.

8. She Shows You Her Belly

Your cat is definitely showing trust, but it's not necessarily an invitation for a belly rub. Cats are well aware that their stomachs are vulnerable, which is why they usually guard them so carefully. When she exposes her belly to you, it's like a feline way of saying, "Hey, I'm comfortable with you, and I trust you." Sometimes, it might also mean she's feeling playful. Just a heads-up, though – don't mistake it as a green light for belly rubs unless you're up for a risky move. It could very well be the fastest way to learn about her limits!