7 Ways Your Dog Makes You a Better Person

7 Ways Your Dog Makes You a Better Person

Dogs make great companions. There are so many little ways dogs make your life better every single day. It can make every day feel special! And who doesn’t want to be greeted by a dog’s dorky grin after a long day? There’s nothing like a wagging tail and an attack of kisses to bring a smile to your face. Hanging around man’s best friend can make you into a better person — here are 7 ways you improve when you have your own puppy.

1. Your dog keeps you active

Dogs need exercise. And they’re counting on you to give them the opportunity to run around! It’s always a good idea that you take them to the dog park and let them run free. But you could go for a run with them as well – your dog will get you moving.

2. Taking care of your dog teaches patience

Taking care of pets requires some serious patience. Your dog could get sick. He or she can rip your sofa to shreds. Your furry little friend might even wake you up in the middle of the night, just desperate for attention! Sometimes you feel like yelling, but you know deep down that your dog doesn't mean any harm. This process will teach you a lot of patience. But a little patience can pay big dividends.

3. More regular sleep patterns

Not kidding: 71% of surveyed dog owners said waking up to a loyal dog made them feel better about facing the day ahead. Life feels better with a dog around! The more easily you wake up, the more regular your sleep pattern will be. Good thing too - because a messed up sleep schedule can seriously affect your health!

4. Your dog’s friends can make you some human friends

Feeling lonely? Your dog can help with this: first, through their valuable company, and second, by getting you out of your comfort zone and meeting other dog owners. Your dog needs to be socialized too! Chatting or partying with other people at the dog park can help you build some relationships as your dog finds friends.

5. Makes you happier

Look at that cute face and try not to smile. We dare you. But the evidence isn't just anecdotal—a BarkBox study actually shows that dog owners are happier as a result. (We bet dogs are happier with a home too!)

6. Make you feels therapeutic

Hanging out with a cute dog can feel healing, and research shows that, in some ways, it does. Mental health treatments involving dogs have always been shown to be effective. While having a dog won't get rid of your depression forever, it may help ease the pain of your toughest days.

7. You will live longer

According to Harvard Health Publishing, multiple studies have shown that owning a dog can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease. A study in 2017 showed that dogs can reduce their owners' risk of death by 33 percent.