7 Longest living Dog Breeds with the Least Health Problems

7 Longest living Dog Breeds with the Least Health Problems

As pet parents, we may not want to think about it, but we all will have to say goodbye to our beloved pets one day. Though dogs have different quality of life, there are other factors that come into play, particularly the dog’s breed. Generally speaking, the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan. Here are 7 healthiest dog breeds with the longest living and the least health problems.

1. Maltese

Maltese are known for being lively, playful and charming. All Maltese puppies are expected to live a long life as they rarely suffer from serious genetic diseases, and "usually live to double digits". Their average lifespan is 12 years.

2. Beagle

Beagles are friendly and curious dog breeds. Small but mighty best describes this breed well. Living between the ages of 10-15, average on 12, the Beagle is a faithful companion.

3. Australian Shepherd

With historical ties to the Wild West, Australian Shepherds thrive on being put to work alongside farmers. Their active lifestyle ensures a long, happy life — living anywhere from 12 to 15 years— and they’re also one of the larger dogs on this list.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is a medium-sized dog breed that are smooth or broken coated, they often lives up to 16 years old. It is widely believed that their secret to be young and have prolonged life is due to their high energy levels.

5. Dachshund

Dachshund or sausage dogs, as they’re more affectionately named, are lively characters and the smallest member of the hound family. Dachshund is also a very playful, sometimes aggressive with strangers, devoted breed the Dachshunds can live for between 14 and 20 years.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are a very active, energetic and intelligent toy breed, also they are loyal and affectionate with their families. They have terrier traits – strong guarding instincts and protective vocal nature. This dog breeds will normally live up to between 15 years 20 years.

7. Pomeranian

Their fluffy double coat makes them perfect lovely toy breeds. These dogs are usually extremely loyal to their families and might take on the role of mini guard dog. Although they can be feisty, consistent training can turn them into great family pets that can live to 16 years or older.