7 Cat Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning

7 Cat Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning

As pet owners, most of us want to know everything about our cats in order to provide them with the best life possible. Below, we'll take a closer look at sleeping positions of cats and what they have to say about your cat, so that you can get to know your favorite felines better.

1.Belly up

The belly-up position is a favorite of most pet owners because it's so cute and it's hard to resist petting a cat's belly. This position makes your cat very vulnerable, which means it feels completely safe. Not only are the vital organs exposed, but it takes a long time to stand upright and escape to safety, so cats won't sleep like this even if there's a hint of danger. Congratulations on providing your cat with a wonderful home.

2.Curl up

The curled-up position is one of the basic sleeping positions for a comfortable cat. It's not as exposed as the belly-up, but it's pretty close. A curled-up cat is protecting its vital organs, but sacrificing the ability to stand up quickly. This means it doesn't feel like it's in any immediate danger. It probably trusts you and feels safe in its environment.

3.On one side

The side position is another position that shows your cat has complete trust in the environment and its owner. Cats in this position stretch out often, and you'll find them resting this way in the sun by a window or porch. You can tell it feels safe and comfortable because its belly part is exposed and it takes a long time to get back on its feet.

4.One eye open

The one eye open position is more of an action than a posture, as it can occur when cats are sleeping in other positions. If you watch your cat closely enough, you'll quickly notice that he often sleeps with one eye half-open. While this may indicate that your cat feels threatened, it also shows that cats do this when they are worried about their surroundings and want to know about what is going on.


When a cat sleeps in a box, under a bed, or in a cat condo, it's ready for a deep sleep. Cats will nap many times throughout the day, but they will usually nap at least once in a quiet, secluded place where they are unlikely to be disturbed. Cats are curious creatures who like to stay out of the action, but they take time to regenerate and often choose these hiding places in high-traffic homes. If you find your cat in a box or other quiet place, we recommend that you leave it alone.

6.Sleep On Other Pets

If you find your cat sleeping on other pets, this is a good sign that they are forming a strong bond. Cats are notoriously picky about who they deal with, and some cats will never befriend other pets, so sleeping on another pad is a big deal, and you should be proud of yourself for creating an environment where it's possible.

7.Sleep on you

Getting your cat to fall asleep on you is one of the greatest honors a pet owner can hope for. If your cat sleeps on you, it means it has a strong bond with you and is feeling comfortable, warm and safe. Only a small percentage of cat owners will tell you that their cat regularly sleeps on them, so if it happens to you, your cat will think you are part of the family.