5 Subtle Sick Cat Symptoms to Watch Out for

5 Subtle Sick Cat Symptoms to Watch Out for

If your cat sleeps all day without eating, or generally just doesn't feel well, they are most likely to have an illness. It's a survival instinct for cats to naturally hide disease. However, there are some common subtle signs of disease. Understanding this will help you give your cat the attention it needs. By understanding your cat's routine and their overall health condition, it will be easier for you to notice small changes and tell when they are sick.

1. Your cat is sleepy

While some cats spend so much time sleeping every day, the average sleeping time for a cat is 16 hours a day. If you notice some changes in their sleep patterns, this might be a sign of health problems. If your cat is always tired, showing no interest in food, water, or play, they are very likely to be sick.

2. Your cat's activities have changed

When you notice your cat's activity level is increasing or decreasing, there may be a medical reason. Hyperactivity may not seem worrisome, but it can be a sign of conditions like hyperthyroidism.

On the other hand, when you find that your cat is not willing to jump on things they used to easily reach, or if jump in a different way, both could be a sign that your cat is not feeling well. Also pay attention to these signs that your cat is sick, for example, your cat's gait changes greatly, it has difficulty getting up from a sitting or lying position, or they are not able to find a comfortable position.

3. Your cat is not eating or has a change in eating habits

Pay attention to any changes in a cat's eating behavior or routine, as this can be a sign of disease. It's not easy for cat caregivers to tell the cause of appetite changes and other symptoms of cats, but as a cat parent, it is important to watch for signs of digestive problems. Look out for the following signs: Don't drink any water Unintentional weight loss Food intake is reduced for more than a few days A rise in appetite or thirst, which may be a sign of hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or kidney disease

4. Changes in your cat's grooming habits

Cats are known to be clean animals and spend most of their waking hours grooming themselves. But when you find your cat suddenly stops grooming, it may suffering from stress or other problems like arthritis. Also be careful when you notice that your cats constantly groom a certain part of their body. They are likely to suffer from skin diseases or allergies.

5. Changes in coat or loss of fur

If you find change in the condition or texture of a cat's fur, that's usually a sign that your pet is sick. Rough, greasy or very dry coat are signs of a cat's discomfort. Noticeable thinning or bald patches are also an indication that your pet is ill.