8 Awesome Dadchelor Party Ideas

8 Awesome Dadchelor Party Ideas

Baby showers for men are all the rage these days, a new dad twist on the old-school bachelor party. Check out these cool ideas for themes, games, places, and more that the dad-to-be and his buddies will love.

1. Choose a theme

Common dadchelor party themes are same old "playboy" interests; barbecue, beer, and golf. But for your festivities, why not go a step further, go the old west theme and invite guests to dress up as cowboys and gunslingers? You and the kids can also play Lord of the Rings nerds. Planning the theme is one of the most important ideas for a dadchelor party.

2. Take a trip

If you have your own tight-knit small group and your budget allows, grab the chance to go all out before a few months of sleepless nights. If you're not far away from Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you can enjoy a wild weekend, or park at the penny slot, or whatever you like. Get the boys together with an exciting road playlist for a relentless punchbuggy and make memories.

3. It's bar time

Whether you're hosting a party at home, your best friend's house, or a nice rental place, you'll want your bar to be well-stocked. This is one of the main differences between dadchelor parties and baby showers. The baby shower is more about a lemonade and tea affair, while the former goes all-in on the booze. You can invite everyone to bring a bag of their favorite hipster IPA, or get together a sophisticated cocktail menu if you like.

4. Baby-Q

The Baby-Q is a barbecue to celebrate an upcoming baby and it's surely a solid choice for simpler dadchelor parties. Nothing too complicated, just a backyard BBQ with your buddies. With some cold brews on hand, you've got a good old-fashioned party. To make it more about your upcoming baby, you can add the classic baby shower games, which will be introduced later in this article.

5. Choose your favorite brewery

If you don't want to throw a party, or travel for the weekend, why not take a trip to your favorite local brewery? Artisanal beer is now a huge hit across the country, so wherever you live, you will find a brewery nearby serving beers and great burgers.

6. A card game night

You may hear about all the talk of your friends about their great poker skills, but have you ever challenged them? Take a nice bottle of wine and let the game begin. It doesn't have to be only about poker. Variations of it or other classics like blackjack are a great choice to have fun for the night. Getting back to our first idea, a card game night might be the theme of your party.

7. Diaper Olympics

The only limit here is your creativity. For such gatherings the first idea is common. Buy a few dolls and all the things for changing, for example diapers, talcum powder and wipes. Contestants are blindfolded, and time their trying to change the toy baby's diaper. In addition to this, try to come up with your own game ideas for more wholesome dad-to-be fun.

8. Go outdoors

Your kids will grow up and develop interests in nature, but it will take a while for you to find out. So grab this chance to get some fresh air with your friends. You can go to the shooting range, fish on the lake, or camp in the national park for the weekend. In a few months, when you're spending almost all of your non-work time at home with your little ones, you'll be glad you were outside. Because of its effortless simplicity, this is one of our favorite dadchelor party ideas.