7 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Kids

7 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Kids

From treats and flowers to plush toys and plenty of chocolate, Valentine's Day is a unique holiday whose purpose is to share and spread love. But Valentine's Day takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent. A loving vacation isn't about romance, it's about making the whole family's day special.

During the cold, dark, post-Christmas and Easter time, there's nothing more enjoyable than giving your kids a little more love. But what can you do with the kids on Valentine's Day? How to make Valentine's Day special when you have kids?

1. Prepare a special Valentine's Day breakfast

Make heart-shaped pancakes or seasonal "eggs in a basket." Other sweet Valentine's Day breakfast ideas include creamy smoothies, chocolate waffles, or Dutch baby pancakes dusted with powdered sugar. Even a small box of chocolates will make your child a great morning!

2. Pack a fun lunch

Bring the festive spirit of Valentine's Day to school for the kids! If the holidays are in the middle of the week, this is the perfect opportunity to add some extra love to the lunchbox. That might mean sending a sweet handwritten note, cutting a sandwich into a heart shape, or including extra cookies.

3. Wear holiday clothes

Let your child wear her heart on her sleeve - literally! Valentine's Day outfits are fun for kids of all ages, whether it's red, pink, pastel or hearts. You can even give your kids Valentine's pajamas. Cute and comfortable.

4. Cut out paper heart

Grab some construction paper, a pair of scissors, and a pen or pencil to complete this super fun (and easy!) Valentine's Day craft.

5. Leave a surprise gift

Want to say "Happy Valentine's Day, son or daughter!" without embarrassing them? "My mom used to leave little boxes of chocolates on our pillows after my brothers and I left school," recalls Leslie Corona. "We came home in the afternoon and had a sweet surprise." From Leslie's mom Get inspired to prepare Valentine's Day gifts for the kids.

6. Watch a valentine movie

Curl up on the sofa and watch some loving cartoon classics like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid or The Princess and the Frog.

7. Make some Valentine's Day snacks

From colorful cupcakes to heart cookies, there are many ways to make Valentine's Day snacks. Try dipping some strawberries in chocolate or baking a red velvet cake.