7 Fun Playdate Games and Activities for Kids

7 Fun Playdate Games and Activities for Kids

For kids, nothing beats the joy of play. But it can be hard for parents to come up with some cool ways to keep their kids entertained. Check out these low-cost games and activities inspired by creative parents. They will keep the kids playing for hours!

1. Draw the track

Wild turns, pit stops, stop signs: paint them all on the driveway, then pull out the ride toy and let the kids drive around. Suitable for ages 3 to 10.

2. Become an insect scientist

A shovel, a magnifying glass and a keen eye are all kids need to find worms and insects. Don't forget to dig, look under the stones and examine the tree trunks carefully. Suitable for ages 5+.

3. Build your own art museum

Glue a large piece of kraft paper to a wall, table or floor and draw circles and squares of different sizes to make it look like a frame. Hand out crayons or markers and have the children transform the shapes into different scenes. Suitable for all ages.

4. Play Charades

This game is a classic for many reasons: it's interactive, it involves everyone - even physical comedy! Have the children write simple cues (swimming, dog, plane) on note cards and then take turns acting out the words. Suitable for ages 6+.

5. Assemble a simple pulley

Take a string and tie one end to the handle of the bucket. Wrap the other end around a low branch and let the kids pull things up and down. This simple machine totally captivates kids, and it's also a super STEM learning tool. Suitable for ages 4+.

6. Build an epic blanket fort

Have them scavenge for blankets and sheets in the linen closet and work together to build an indoor hideaway. Binder clips and bungee cords are not required but can help stabilize their igloo, cave or palace. Suitable for all ages.

7. Try Animal Toast

Spread cream cheese on a slice of toast or rice cake. Use fresh or dried fruit, grains, pretzels or chocolate for the eyes, ears and nose. Cut apples, carrots, or bananas into half-moons or triangles to form ears, mouths, and wings. Use scissors to cut desiccated coconut flakes into thin strips for use as whiskers. Suitable for all ages.

Before doing any cooking project, call your friend's parents to make sure you're not worried about food allergies.