10 Fun Workouts To Get Screen-Addicted Kids Moving

10 Fun Workouts To Get Screen-Addicted Kids Moving

Parents, let's be honest – we're witnessing kids everywhere glued to screens. It's no secret that excessive screen time can take a toll on our kids' overall well-being.

Though the online world offers a vast ocean of entertainment and learning opportunities that can be beneficial, we can't turn a blind eye to the downsides of technology. Our children's health is at stake, and the risks associated with unbridled screen exposure are spiraling out of control - obesity, diabetes, ADHD and more.

In this article, we'll explore the 10 best exercises that will get your kids off screens, away from the TV, video games, iPads, phones and especially social media, and engaging in physical activity. Trust us, they'll be eager to try out all on their own:

1. Glow in the dark hula hoop

Many people might not associate hula hoops with exercise, thinking they lack the look or feel of a workout. However, hula hooping is an excellent aerobic activity! It also significantly boosts coordination and comes with additional perks like heightened focus and attention.

For a truly engaging experience, consider glow-in-the-dark hula hoops! The allure of anything that glows in the dark is undeniable!

Another exciting option is color-changing hoops. Transform any dimly lit room into an impromptu dance party for the kids and watch those calories burn!

Who would have thought that kids' exercise could be this much fun?

2. Tug of war

Children find joy in playful competitions.

Engaging in a game of tug of war not only builds core strength but also offers excellent advantages for developing biceps and calf muscles. Beyond the physical benefits, this activity promotes teamwork and collaboration.

For an added element of amusement, consider arranging a tug of war session right after a refreshing downpour. The result? Kids having a blast and ending up a little muddy, adding an unexpected but enjoyable twist. Intriguingly, recent research points out that exposure to soil, specifically a bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae, has proven health benefits, making that mud play even more health-conscious and exciting. Who would have thought that a little mud could contribute to their well-being?

3. Martial arts

Martial arts prove to be an excellent exercise for children! A suitable school can contribute to fostering and developing the following qualities in kids:

• Confidence

• Focus

• Resilience

• Self-discipline

Beyond these mental and emotional benefits, martial arts often emerge as a highly recommended activity for children with ADHD.

Martial arts are exceptionally effective in cultivating hand-eye coordination, core strength, balance, and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

4. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic exercise option for kids looking to break free from screens. This exhilarating activity offers more than just a physical workout; it's an adventure that cultivates incredible core strength and develops outstanding muscles in the arms and legs. Climbing is not just about reaching the top; it involves strategic decision-making, enhancing skills for choosing the right move at the right time.

Beyond the physical benefits, rock climbing has proven positive effects on mental well-being. It serves as a therapeutic outlet, positively impacting anxiety, self-esteem, and even combating feelings of depression.

It’s recommended to safely engage in this activity at a local gym or activity center near you.

5. Swimming

We've all heard about what a fantastic exercise swimming is for kids. It's beneficial for flexibility, inflammation reduction, and bone density increase. Most children enjoy swimming and playing together with friends in the pool.

But the real additional perk is that studies indicate swimmers have a 50% lower mortality rate compared to other forms of exercise. Therefore, nurturing a child's love for swimming can genuinely contribute to extending their lifespan.

So, besides the joy of splashing around with friends, swimming provides a holistic health boost that goes beyond the immediate physical benefits.

6. Tennis

Unlike virtual games, tennis offers a tangible advantage, enhancing a child's ability to think strategically.

Yet, the real magic of tennis unfolds through its myriad physical benefits:

• Precision hand-eye coordination

• Enhanced flexibility

• Fine-tuned motor control

• Improved balance

So, rally your child onto the tennis court, where every swing is a step toward a healthier and more confident future.

7. Gymnastics

Engaging in gymnastics doesn't necessarily mean aiming for the Olympics—far from it! Gymnasts stand out as some of the healthiest athletes in the sporting world.

Children partaking in gymnastics gain more than just flexibility; they acquire coordination, improved cognitive functions, self-discipline, and astonishing core strength.

As they tumble, twirl, and flip alongside their peers, it doesn't feel like exercise for these youngsters!

Seek a school that imparts foundational knowledge under careful supervision. You don't need a facility exclusively focused on nurturing future gymnastics champions. After all, the aim is to let kids enjoy the experience while reaping the numerous benefits gymnastics has to offer!

8. Soccer

Football not only enhances cardiovascular health but also improves flexibility and coordination. Most importantly, it fosters excellent teamwork skills, and children have a blast playing it.

As football is an outdoor activity, you get all the fantastic benefits of outdoor play for your kids. They soak up more Vitamin D and develop robust bones.

Studies suggest that children spending excessive time indoors and on screens may be at risk of developing nearsightedness. Hence, improving vision is yet another advantage of engaging in football.

9. Wrestling

Unlike martial arts, wrestling is a sport that involves only two individuals. It creates an incredible sense of sensitivity as you attempt to feel your partner's movements through close contact.

It stands out as one of the most suitable sports for children because it helps cultivate:

• Discipline

• Personal responsibility

• Self-defense skills

For kids, wrestling is not just a great workout; it's also cost-effective. You don't need an abundance of special equipment to get started.

10. Parkour

Who wouldn't want to look and move like a superhero?

Parkour, sometimes referred to as freerunning, is a bit like gymnastics, a bit like martial arts, yet entirely unique. It leans towards skateboarding but without the board.

Many contestants in shows like "American Ninja Warrior" have a background in parkour. Thanks to programs like this and TV shows such as "Arrow," parkour has gained significant popularity in recent years.

You can likely find a parkour school near you. If not, inquire at your local gymnastics facility to see if they offer parkour classes.

Parkour engages the brain through climbing and jumping obstacles while enhancing core strength and coordination.

For kids, the best sport should be something that looks cool, feels exciting, and doesn't feel like exercise (even though it is!), and parkour easily checks all these boxes!