The Best Sleepers: The 7 Qualities of a Quality Sleeper Sofa

The Best Sleepers: The 7 Qualities of a Quality Sleeper Sofa

Sleeping on a bad surface with poor support can lead to not just restless nights, but also back and neck pain, insomnia, and other issues. Not all sofas are created equal when it comes to sleeping. In fact, some might make it more difficult than necessary if you’re looking for a quality sleeper sofa that will support you during your restful hours. When searching for a new sofa that’ll help with your nighttime rest and relaxation, consider these seven qualities:

Good circulation is key.

The first quality of a good sleeper sofa is circulation. When you sleep, your body’s circulation slows down and you lose the ability to regulate your temperature. A good sleep surface will allow for your circulation to stay at a healthy rate and will help regulate your temperature so you don’t overheat or get too cold. And for those who are sensitive to temperature, a good sleeper sofa will allow you to stay comfortable throughout the night.

Your body should feel supported.

A quality sleeper sofa will support your back and joints while still allowing your body to breathe. This will not only help you sleep more comfortably, but will help prevent pain in the morning. Your back shouldn’t feel like it’s sinking into the mattress, and your joints shouldn’t be resting on a hard surface. The sleeper sofa should have at least some padding, but also have firm support underneath.

The mattress shouldn’t be too soft, and definitely shouldn’t be too firm.

As you’re trying out different sleeper sofas, you’ll want to find one that isn’t too firm, but also isn’t too soft. If your mattress is too soft, you might find it difficult to stay on top of it without sinking in too far. On the other hand, if the mattress is too firm, you might find it difficult to relax and sleep comfortably.

It should be easy to clean and durable.

Since you’ll likely be using your sofa more often than your typical sofa, it’s important that you have a surface that’s easy to clean. During the day, your sleeper sofa will likely be covered by a throw or blanket, but if it doesn’t stay on, you’ll have to clean the sofa itself. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself either without a blanket or having to clean the sofa more often than necessary. A durable sleeper sofa will last you for years, and the fabric should be easy to clean so that you can keep it looking fresh.

It should have a high quality frame and upholstery.

You’ll likely be sleeping on the sofa when you have company visiting or when you have overnight guests. It would be nice to have a sofa that can comfortably sleep two or more people without causing pain or significant discomfort for those sleeping on it. The upholstery of your sleeper sofa should also be high quality. Ideally, the upholstery should be made from a durable material that is easy to clean and resistant to stains, such as a microfiber.

The fabric should be breathable and soft.

This way, you won’t overheat during the night and you’ll stay cool throughout the day. It should also be soft, so that you can relax while resting on it. The sleeper sofa is typically used as a mattress, so it’s important that the fabric is soft to lay on. And finally, the fabric should be easy to clean so that you don’t spend hours scrubbing stains out of the fabric.

And finally, it needs to match the rest of your home decor!

This can be tricky if you want a sleeper sofa that works for both indoor and outdoor use, but it’s important nonetheless. Your sofa should match the style of your home and the other furniture in your living room or den.

Sleeper sofas are a great way to add extra sitting and sleeping space to your home, but only if you are buying a quality product that will last for years. With these seven qualities in mind, you’ll be able to find a sleeper sofa that’s comfortable, durable, and will last you for years to come.