How To Choose a Safer Phone Case

How To Choose a Safer Phone Case

In these days, it's not easy to be a chic person, keeping 360 degrees beauty of your lifestyle all the time. In addition to making yourself wear beautifully, shoes and bags things like these accessories can not be lacked, even the phone case is not a careless choice.

Therefore, more and more brands began to pay attention to the design of mobile phone cases. Various kinds of imaginative designs emerge in an endless stream, and some niche brands specially designing mobile phone cases emerge, making mobile phone cases have a sense of presence in the fashion circle. However, how do we select a right phone case without any strange smelling will be very important. That's why thousands of people who care for their health have switched to leather phone cases.

The Current Materials

There are various kinds of materials for us to choose. Plastic cases, silicone case, leather cases are most common to see in the markets.

Plastic cases come apart easily. As plastic pollution is becoming one of the most pressing environmental issues, more people are towards to avoid to buy it.

Silicone case gets dirty more quickly and it absorbs sweat which makes them smell bad after a while. The stinky phone case may kill your nose. On the other hand, they are of weaker quality because of their rubbery texture. They can easily be twisted or bent around causing them to form cracks. Also because their build makes room to store excess temperature.

Leather case, speaking of quality, it wins the challenge on this one. Original leather cases can’t bend or break because of their hard nature. This is a good thing because the phone is not only assured of protection but also durability. It’s only outside elements like water and dust which lower the quality if not well maintained. These cases usually use all-natural cowhide embryo without any harmful chemicals, which is so much more environment-friendly and safe.

Another material is synthetic leather, which is not real leather. It's just thin sheets of material that are laminated together to make the case. It's made of polyurethane which is a man-made material that isn't natural. It may hide some bad substance for a person. Those toxic substances that exceed the standard limit, because they usually are processed in the synthesis of nanoparticles, a chemical method by using formaldehyde, which is a highly toxic systemic poison with strong-smelling and will be evaporates easily in high temperature. It will cause a lot of healthy problem once you take with them for a long time.

So stop ruining your health from a toxic phone case right now and choose a affordable genius leather phone case!

The Benefits Of Owing A Genius Leather Phone Case


Unlike silicone, plastic, or rubber, genuine leather is reputed to be one of the most durable materials out there. It at least won’t look scratched or torn.


It is absolutely pleasing to the touch. It’s comfortable, it’s smooth, and it feels like you bought this case for more than it cost. Aside from this, leather smartphone cases come in various modes with a excellent grip, long lasting, less dirty.


Affordable leather cases could look expensive but with all the qualities listed here, you’d be paying for more than just a phone’s pretty face. It could become your new status symbol among your peers.

Genuine Leather

Every case is hand made from 100% full grain genuine leather, and done with both precision and elegance, then providing true Germany artisans of the finest quality leather products without special smell or toxic substances, which fits your phone perfectly.


With a leather phone case, you can guarantee better protection for your phone. It offers better protection than most materials. Sharp objects or pointed edges may scratch any ordinary surface, but the leather could withstand its contact. Leather could protect your phone from even the smallest of dust particles.


Adding to its surface durability is its waterproof qualities. Some forms of quality leather can keep water from permeating its surface and keep the phone inside nice and dry.

Superior Air Permeability

Compared to other materials that phone cases could be made of, genius leather offers excellent insulation and allows your phone to expel heat freely. This is ideal if you especially enjoy watching movies or series or playing mobile games at great lengths.

Without a smartphone, life today would most likely be inconvenient or difficult. Phone cases play more important role in using smartphone. Choosing a genius phone case will be ideal thing. It’s just like a fine wine, leather gains character over time. And it never affects your health.