9 Tips to Care for Pearl Jewelry

9 Tips to Care for Pearl Jewelry

Pearls can brighten any piece of fine jewelry with amazing luster and timeless beauty. However, these precious gemstones are soft and delicate, so you need to give them special care to preserve the beauty. Pearls are also vulnerable to scratches and other damage on the surface. In order to maintain its beauty, you should know how to maintain pearl jewelry.

1. Do not bathe or swim with pearls

Keep your pearl jewelry away from too much moisture to avoid damage. The threading material in the pearl chain can be damaged or even broken by moisture. The pearl's surface will also become dull as a result of the chemicals contained in shampoos, soaps and chlorine in swimming pools. Next time when you take a shower or go swimming, remember to remove your pearl jewelry first.

2. Don't cook in pearls

Always take off your pearls before entering into kitchen. Acids such as lemon juice and vinegar can erode the nacre or shimmering outer layer of pearls. While cooking, grease and heat in the kitchen may damage your jewelry. Some dish soaps, especially lemon soap, can also permanently stain the surface of jewelry.

3. Beware of beauty products

Beauty products such as makeup, perfume, and hairspray can damage your jewelry. You can apply these products first, and then put on pearls. Don't wear them in the same area as your jewelry. For example, if you want to wear perfume, apply it only to your ears or wrists.

4. Avoid household chemicals

Pearls are fragile to chemicals so never make them exposed to household cleaner, window cleaner or any cleaners that may contain abrasive or acid substance.

5. Keep away from dry heat

If pearls are too dry, there might be brown spots or even crack in the surface. Avoid dry heat like a hair dryer or curling iron. When you need to use a hair dryer, be sure to remove your pearl jewelry first.

6. Avoid frayed clothes

If you want to wear pearl jewelry, forget about clothes that may scratch the surface of the gemstone. Rough fabric like wool, sequins, beading, wire and other materials may damage your pearls and finally dull the surface. Match your jewelry with soft and smooth clothes to keep the natural beauty.

7. Wipe pearl jewelry after each use

However careful you are with makeup and cleaner, you still have to clean your pearls after each wearing. If oil and sweat from the skin remain on the pearl, they can gradually dull the surface. Gently clean the surface of the pearls with a soft cloth.

8. Separately keep pearls

If you don't store the pearls in a separate box, the soft surface can be easily scratched by other items. A soft velvet bag is a good choice to well keep your pearl jewelry. Keep the pearl jewelry in separate lined boxes if possible.

9. Avoid hanging pearl necklaces and bracelets

It's not a good way to hang your pearl jewelry, because this may weaken the threading material. Over time it will cause damage. The proper way to avoid such such damage is to lay the pearl on a flat surface.