8 Dangerous Food Combinations You Should Never Try

8 Dangerous Food Combinations You Should Never Try

Combined foods makes our taste-buds satisfied. However, there are some bad food combinations can cause serious digestive problems, which can obstruct digestive channels, upset the stomach, therefore makes you sick. These combinations can be so common that we probably eat them as a balanced diet every day without knowing their true nature. Below we are mentioning 8 dangerous food combinations that you should definitely avoid!

1. Yogurt And Fruits

Most of us enjoy a perfect snack and breakfast with mixing fruits and yogurt. Though seems to be a nutrient-rich combo, it is actually an unhealthy food combination that will result in toxins, cough, cold and allergies. On one hand, yoghurt contains bacteria that can come in contact with the sugar present in fruits. On the other hand, some acidic fruits will interfere with yoghurt digestion. Combining yoghurt with dried fruits like raisins can prevent the problems.

2. Milk and Banana

Any banana milkshake lover will be shocked that they are not a healthy match. Not just unhealthy, the combination of milk and banana can make for a dangerous food combination as it is toxic, and cause heaviness to your body. It may also disrupt the process of digestion, as well as affecting your brain activity.

3. Tomatoes and Pasta

This staple meal loved by a lot of people was not good for the body. The bad thing here is, tomatoes are acidic and can prevent the starch in pasta digest properly. This will causing indigestion, chronic headache, meal fatigue and stomach ache. Avoid mixing acidic foods with starchy carbs.

4. Beans and cheese

Anyone who loves Mexican cuisine would enjoy this classic combination. However, this is a disaster that could result in stomach bloating and weaken the process of digestion. Cheese are full of protein while beans are high in fiber. They counteract against in your stomach, which brings digestive system confusion, and many other digestion related problems. So try to separate the cheese from beans if you have a weak stomach.

5. Potatoes and Meet

Meatballs and potatoes are every family’s favorite. But, consuming high saturated fat with carbohydrates could result in digestive problems. The carbohydrates could ferment. You may feel they are stuck in your stomach. Additionally, it may bring some gastrointestinal disorder. They may also result in weight gain.

6. Tomato And Cucumber

We love these two salad ingredients. But the combination of them paves the way to a bunch of digestion related problems. Tomato is a great source of vitamin C. But cucumbers contain an enzyme that interferes with the absorption of vitamin C. Basically, eating cucumbers will nullify the effects of eating tomatoes.

7. Solid Food and Liquids

Drinking while eating isn't a good idea. Eating solid foods with liquids can affect the digestive process in your body. Fluid moves through your intestines quickly and dilute your digestive enzymes. This can hinder the digestive process. Your food should not contain one or two cups of liquid. It’s recommended drink water twenty minutes before or one hour after a meal.

8. Bacon And Eggs

Thought it would be a perfect breakfast choice on holiday? This so-called perfect breakfast can make you sick because it is protein overdose. Protein IS the hardest of the three macronutrients for your body to break down. Bacon and eggs are two high proteins at once that present difficulties for digestive system. Replacing bacon with complex carbs like whole grain toast or fruit with your eggs, or keep the bacon and add in avocado toast with tomato instead of eggs.