6 Habits That Speed Up Brain Aging

6 Habits That Speed Up Brain Aging

The Journal of The American Medical Association once published an article pointing out that the human brain begins to age around 30, the brain function begins to decline at the age of 40, and shrinks at a rate of 15% every year after the age of 60. Here are six habits that speed up brain aging.

1. Rely on electronic products

Today, everyone has a cell phone in their hands, where itineraries and friends’ phone numbers are stored. Copy and paste everything you've done and search directly for any questions. No thinking will accelerate the aging of the brain over time.

2. Smoking

People who smoke all year round are prone to senile dementia. When smoking, the nicotine in cigarettes can reach the brain within 10 seconds of inhalation and remain active within 20 to 40 minutes. Long-term smoking will damage the walls of blood vessels, promote arteriosclerosis, lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain, and cause the formation of nerve cells. Smoking for a long time makes the brain tissue atrophy to varying degrees and is prone to senile dementia.

3. Love to drink

In fact, scientific research on the relationship between alcohol consumption and brain changes has long been concluded: that people who drink heavily are more likely to experience brain atrophy, neuron loss, etc., and are related to cognitive impairment.

Alcohol can make the central nervous system from excited to highly inhibited, so after drinking too much, you will feel top-heavy and unresponsive. In the long run, it is easy to damage the brain.

4. Stay up late

Staying up late will make the brain in an excited state, and the lack of rest will make the brain not fully repaired and damage the neurons in the brain. Long-term lack of sleep can lead to memory loss and lower IQ.

In the same way, insomnia can also accelerate brain aging. Lack of sleep not only makes the fatigue not recovered, but also reduces the secretion of some hormones in the brain, breaks the balance of the internal environment, reduces the thinking ability, and accelerates the degeneration of the function.

5. Eat too much for a long time

If you eat too much, a kind of progeny factor called ‘fibroblasts’ will be produced in the brain in large quantities, which will increase the fat cells and capillary endothelial cells, promote cerebral arteriosclerosis, insufficient blood supply of cerebral cortex, and slow brain atrophy. As well as degeneration of brain function, it can eventually lead to dementia, which shortens the lifespan of the brain.

6. Never eat breakfast

According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, according to the comparison of whether children from 6 Asian countries and regions eat breakfast and their brain development and academic performance. It is found that students who do not eat breakfast, not only have poor concentration, but also slow reactions. If you ignore breakfast for a long time, your brain will shrink, and even if you return to a healthy diet and adequate nutrition, the atrophied mind will be difficult to recover.