6 Dangers of Staying Up Late

6 Dangers of Staying Up Late

Adequate sleep is indispensable to everyone, but many people who think they are energetic are always in the habit of staying up late. Even, for some people, staying up late has become part of the lifestyle. But you need to know the harm of staying up late is really serious.

1. Reduce resistance

Staying up late for a long time can easily decrease resistance. Normal people need enough sleep to maintain a strong resistance. In the case of adequate sleep, the body organs have enough time to rest, so that the resistance will naturally improve. Increased resistance can reduce the risk of disease, which is important to our health. If you have the bad habit of staying up late, it is better to ensure 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to prevent the occurrence of adverse diseases.

2. Accelerate skin aging

Staying up late for a long time can accelerate skin aging. After staying up late, a lot of people will appear with rough facial skin, dark circles and other obvious situations, which are the injuries brought by staying up late. If you want to change the bad habit of staying up late, sleep enough time every day. Then the body garbage can be excreted, and to keep smooth and delicate skin. Otherwise, regularly staying up late may accelerate skin aging and the occurrence of various adverse skin symptoms.

3. Affect organ function

Staying up late for a long time will affect the function of vital organs, especially the kidney, liver and other organs. These important organs after staying up late for a long time may affect the excretion of toxins, and the accumulation of toxin waste in the body may lead to the decline of organ function. Therefore, to maintain a healthy state of the body, it is important to get enough sleep, which can improve organ function and prevent the elimination of toxins from excreting.

4. Deteriorate Memory

Often staying up late, will make people’s brains in an extreme state of fatigue and easy to feel dizzy. Lethargy and lack of concentration will happen the next day. Memory is also affected over time, making it easier to forget things.

5. Lead to endocrine disorders

Regular late nights may lead to endocrine dysfunction, which is the negative effect of late nights. Because a lot of people stay up late after the fluctuation of hormone levels, there may be endocrine disorders, and long-term endocrine disorders can also affect health.

6. Easy to gain weight

With regular activity at night, your body uses up energy and you will feel hungry, so you'll often eat late-night snacks to replenish your energy. Eating too much at night is not only bad for digestion but also increases the burden on the stomach. It will also lead to fat accumulation, leading to obesity.