6 Chain Link Styles: Which is Right for You?

6 Chain Link Styles: Which is Right for You?

If you have difficulty choosing the right link style for your clothing or jewelry, knowing about the various styles of necklace chain can help you. Each link style emphasizes different properties, such as flexibility, sparkle, pattern or durability. It all depends on what kind of style you prefer.

Always choose simple and flexible design because the beautiful pendant is the focus. Otherwise, the focal point is diverted and the beauty of the pendant decreases. A flexible link is also essential as the pendant hangs on the chain. The link bends and provides a good resting point for the pendants. Here we collect some of the best link styles for pendants.

1. Rollo chain

For heavy duty pendants a strong chain is required. This type of cable chain is very strong due to the usually welded closed links. It is perfect for heavy pendants like large pendants or statement pieces. It doesn't look sophisticated, and the minimalist style won't detract your pendant.

2. Cable chain

Cable chains are simple, strong and have a very clean look. This chain is dense with strong interlocking links. It provides an elegant effect without stealing style from your pendant. Links can come in a variety of sizes, and choose a link that best matches your pendant.

3. Snake chain

This fine chain is super flexible but it's too delicate to support anything too large. The simple style is perfect for very light pendants such as delicate filigree designs or a simple diamond. Any pendant will become the focus with snake chain's thin and clean lines.

If you're going to wear only a necklace chain as a style statement, choose those with elaborate links. Some styles of link will give you a lot of sparkle and visual attraction. It's important to choose a link style that is attractive on its own, even if it comes with a simpler design. Flexibility or the strength of the link is no more your consideration because it doesn't have to support a pendant. Read on to learn about some visually interesting chain link styles that you can wear by itself.

4. Figaro chain

The repeating and beautiful pattern of long and short chains gives Figaro chains a fun look. Some links are cut like diamond with extraordinary sparkle. The interesting glow and patterns make this link perfect for wearing on its own. Its classic look can easily match your outfit, whether it's formal or casual.

5. Bird cage chain

The links on this chain are simply works of art with incredible detail when viewed up close. The entire chain feels sturdy and perfect for wearing by itself. From a distance, it may look simple. However, when you take a closer look, each link looks like a small cage. Anyone will be impressed with the delicate design and fine workmanship.

6. Filigree chain

Featuring artisan links, filigree chain uses special technique turning metal wire into beautiful patterns. A jewelry artisan uses filigree to create exquisite and beautiful links. The weight of the links depends on the spacing. The chain may feel quite light, or it can be dense and sturdy just like a birdcage chain.