6 Best Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal and Extend Range

6 Best Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal and Extend Range

Did the WIFI signal freeze suddenly when playing games or watching videos, and the network needs to be loaded? Are you frustrated with poor signal in your big house? Have you ever had a strong WiFi signal in your living room but weak in your bedroom? Why is that? Don’t worry! Here are 6 ways to boost your WiFi signal.

1: Restart your WiFi router

Does your phone need to reboot for better experience? Also, routers can take up a lot of memory by processing large amounts of data for long periods of time, a proper reboot will refresh and serve you best! You can follow the steps below:

  • First, check your network connection.

  • Second, make sure your router is updated to the latest version (this will keep your router running better).

  • Third, reboot your router.

2: Catch and remove WiFi thief

There are so many powerful software to crack WiFi. Your WiFi signal can be stolen by neighbors. When a network is connected to many devices, it becomes slower and weaker. You need to use complex, strong passwords to prevent brute force attacks. If you're still worried, you need to buy the latest one.

3: Put it in the best position

Are you placing your router in a corner or near a metal object that emits electromagnetic waves? This is wrong, it interferes with the WiFi signal tremendously! It is recommended to place it at a height of at least 1 meter in the center of your home. Antennas can be aimed at devices that often need to connect to the Internet. In the case of a duplex room, the antenna of the router can be adjusted to 45 degrees to meet your network needs.

4: Switch to the 5GHz frequency band

Compared with the 2.4GHz frequency band, the network environment of the 5GHz frequency band is cleaner, with less interference, more stable speed and higher wireless rate. You can check your router's management interface for a 5GHz option. Switching to the 5GHz band will bring you better internet speed experience. However, your devices (including routers and end devices) must support the 5G frequency band.

5: WiFi repeater/extender

When all else fails, you can improve by purchasing a WiFi signal repeater/extender. However, WiFi speed and stability will be reduced. If you are still not satisfied with the effect and are looking for a worry-free router solution with stronger signal and wider coverage, you should replace a router with higher performance. Equipped with 4 high-power FEMs, it brings stronger WiFi signal and has the ability to penetrate walls.

6: Set up a mesh WiFi network

The complete WiFi signal solution! Unlike traditional networks, all nodes of a mesh network are interconnected. There are multiple connection channels between any two nodes, and all nodes are connected to form a complete network. The strong signal of a mesh WiFi network easily extends coverage throughout your home!


Boosting your WiFi signal doesn't have to be complicated. With a few simple tweaks, you can significantly improve the strength of your WiFi. These tricks can help you get better internet speeds, increased range, and fewer dropped connections. You can start experiencing the benefits of boosted WiFi signals instantly.