The Subway's 17 Most Bizarre Sightings That Will Leave You Astonished

The Subway's 17 Most Bizarre Sightings That Will Leave You Astonished

If you have ever taken the subway, you know it's a completely unique experience. The passengers on board showcase their creativity with outfits that range from Spiderman costumes to amusing pet ensembles. They constantly turn heads and make for a hilarious subway slideshow. Come aboard and enjoy the ride!

1. Green Army Man

Look, behold! A green army toy has seemingly come to life! It's quite difficult to discern whether it's made of plastic or not!

2. Sullen Sasquatch

You don't have to venture into the wilds of Kentucky to catch a glimpse of a Sasquatch. A regular subway ride will do just fine. This particular Sasquatch seems to have separated from its group and appears somewhat forlorn.

3. God, What is that?

Anyone sitting next to this massive heap of moss will undoubtedly be perplexed, as you never know what could be hiding underneath it. Perhaps it's wise to pack lighter for your next trip, buddy?

4. Spiderman Show

Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention! You are about to witness Spiderman's breathtaking stunts that are usually reserved for the big screen. By the way, for your safety, it's best not to attempt them yourself!

5. I Doubt It

Spotting a celebrity on the subway can be incredibly exciting. As seen with the winking dog, you may even question if it's really Mike Tyson in the flesh.

6. This Is Art

Art is all around us, and this woman manages to create a work of art while casually reading a magazine on the subway. It's a truly fantastic photo montage, don't you think?

7. A Lovely Evening Commute

The evening commute can often feel stressful, but having a delightful companion to keep you company can make all the difference!

8. Never Get Wet

Staying on top of the weather forecast is crucial for frequent travelers, as getting caught in a rainstorm can be a miserable experience. However, a simple solution is to bring along a garbage bag and avoid the issue altogether!

9. The Zebra Centaur

Encountering a Zebra Centaur at the subway station is a rare occurrence. However, the challenge arises when attempting to navigate through the turnstiles, which can prove to be quite a task!

10. The Wrong Size

Hey, buddy, is your head feeling cold? No worries, I've lent you my hat. I'm in a rush, so apologies if it's not the perfect fit!

11. Well-Prepared Walk

Walking your dog can be challenging, but fear not! With the help of a clever IKEA bag, you can either carry your furry friend or let them walk alongside you.

12. Pikachu's Strange Tongue

The beloved Japanese character Pikachu is known for its overwhelming cuteness, but seeing a Pikachu passenger on the subway can be perplexing. It seems like even Pikachu needs a helping hand to stay steady during the bumpy ride.

13. Some Relationships Are Inspiring

The bond between these two is truly special. The owner is carrying their beloved pet in a personalized back carrier and receiving grateful paw hugs all the while. I have never witnessed so many beaming smiles on Uptown A Train!

14. Time Travel

Seeing is believing, and even Einstein himself proved that time travel is possible! Just wait a second, maybe it'll happen in the future...

15. Nose Rail

This guy was so exhausted that he dozed off with his nostril pressed against the handrail. A friendly reminder to wash your hands after touching the handrail, just in case!

16. The Crochet King

Riding the subway can feel like a waste of time unless you engage in something meaningful. This fashion-forward commuter is passionate about crochet and even creates unique, one-of-a-kind outfits for themselves!

17. Would You Accept?

This young man wrote sorry on the lid of the pizza box. It seems to be an apology gift for his girlfriend. If it were you, would you accept a pizza with an apology written on it and forgive your boyfriend?

Anybody who has ever taken a ride on the subway can attest to the fact that it's an entirely different world in there. Eccentric individuals, animals in bags, and other things that might normally unnerve you anywhere else, suddenly appear mundane in the subway.