The 10 Most Expensive Bearbrick Figures Ever Sold That’ll Leave You Stunned

The 10 Most Expensive Bearbrick Figures Ever Sold That’ll Leave You Stunned

Are you a fan of the world-renowned Bearbrick figures? If so, you won’t believe the outrageous prices some Bearbricks have fetched at auctions. Bearbricks are collectible vinyl toys produced by a Japanese company, MediCom Toy Inc. These collectibles have become extremely sought-after since their first release in 2001, and now they are some of the most expensive pieces in the toy industry.

To be specific, they are plastic figurines of bears with anthropomorphic appearances and pot bellies. Due to the limited-edition nature of each release, the buying and selling of these bears have become similar to the stock market. From bright and vibrant limited-edition models to high-end fashion brands designed figures, some of these Bearbricks have been sold for whooping thousands of dollars. It’s hard to imagine the sums of money people will spend on things they love that serve just as decorations. Get ready to be blown away by the 10 most expensive Bearbrick figures ever sold.

10. Mastermind Japan 1000% Bearbrick ($3,500)

The figure is glossed in a gothic design with mastermind JAPAN’s signature skull-and-crossbones motif on chest, and a brand stamp at underside, which definitely does add a lot of substantial value to it. Bearbrick and Mastermind Japan collaborated in 2019, and this was the toy they debuted. The lowest asking price for this on StockX is currently floating around the $3,500 range.

9. KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick ($7,501)

This amazing Bearbrick figure is a collaboration with the American artist Kaw’s most iconic cartoon character. As with all his characters, the toys of the series have X trademarks to replace the eyes. Half of the Bearbrick’s body appears normal, while the other half is cut open and painted in vibrant colors. Viewers can see into the brain, lungs, liver, intestines and skeleton of these dead toys. Many may have noticed that this toy was shown in Drake’s music video. This unique piece of art was originally retailed for a hefty $7,501.

8. Bearbrick World Wide Tour 2 x Fragment Reverse Model 1000% ($9,000)

Medicom Toy's Worldwide Tour 2 gave rise to an exclusive Bearbrick with the “wolf in sheep's clothing” motif. On the outside, this Bearbrick figure has a wolf's pelt covering a sheep's body on the reverse model. This is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and unique collectibles. This Bearbrick can sell for up to $9,000.

7. Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick ($13,000)

There’s no denying that Medicom Toy’s collaboration with the legendary Japanese wood furniture company Karimoku is an instant and major success. Unlike other vinyl ones, this Bearbrick was handcrafted with polished walnut wood, and was made-to-order, which certainly makes it more valuable. The lowest asking price for this unique Bearbrick is $13,000.

6. Readymade x Mickey Mouse 1000% Bearbrick ($14,599)

Any Disney’s fans will like this “Mickey Mouse” Bearbrick toy. This Bearbrick figure is unique in that it combines a camouflage ghillie suit that covers the ears and hands of Mickey Mouse, along with a small opening for the eyes, this unique combination makes it a very high-priced Bearbrick figure. Disney x Readymade x Mickey Mouse 1000% Bearbrick, with the last sale of $14,599, hits sixth place on our list of the 10 most expensive Bearbrick figures.

5. Bearbrick My First Bearbrick Baby Space Version 1000% ($15,985)

Medicom Toy is back for another round of collab with the famous Japanese artist Chiaki Fujimoto and comes up with the space iteration of “My First Bearbrick Baby” toy. This Bearbrick toy boasts a diffusive glow and was crafted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, and was sold on StockX for nearly $16,000.

4. Bearbrick x Readymade x A Bathing Ape 1000% – Last sale $20,799

In 2018, Medicom Toy collaborated with A Bathing Ape and Readymade, and released the “Shark hoodies” version of Bearbrick. The bear is half in READYMADE’s familiar army green, zipped up down the middle, along with a tiny pocket and patches, and the other half is camo, signifying the two brands that collaborated on it. The fact that this Bearbrick’s hoodie is not made out of plastic but a real BAPE hoodie makes it more valuable. It was sold for $20,799 on StockX.

3. Bearbrick World Wide Tour 2 Doraemon 1000% ($27,999)

In October 2012, Medicom Toy has gotten together with one of the most famous Japanese cartoon characters, Doraemon. Many of Doraemon’s fans would be surprised to see that it now has ears. This Bearbrick sells online for as much as a whopping $27,999.

2. Chanel 1000% Bearbrick ($30,000)

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, this Bearbrick figure resembles Chanel’s famous female founder, Coco Chanel, dressed in her classic outfit: a black and white Chanel jacket, round sunglasses and Chanel pearls. The toy originally retailed for $2,500 and now sells online for as much as $30,000.

1. Yue Minjun ‘Qiu Tu’ 1000% Bearbrick ($6 million)

Designed by the Chinese contemporary artist, Yue Minjin, this artwork is one of the most expensive Bearbricks ever sold. Yue is known for portraying people’s giggly faces while accompanied by some sort of inner irony - as we can see in this bear with a wide-open laughing look. This toy was auctioned for $6 million, partly for the reason that it’s designed by a famous artist.