8 Most Expensive High Schools In The US

8 Most Expensive High Schools In The US

A high school is the final stage of education that students go through before graduating and moving on to higher education or a career. It also acts as a marker for the student’s social class, affording them access to different extracurricular activities, college admissions, and even future job opportunities.

In such an ever-changing world, sending their kids into the best education possible is the goal of most parents in the U.S. However, it’s no secret that the cost of attending an elite high school is so exorbitant that some families can’t afford. While some parents are willing to spend thousands of dollars a year on these private schools’ high tuition fees considering the services and facilities offered by the school. Here we’ve named 8 of the most expensive private high schools in each state of the U.S., and the schools are getting pricier every year.

8. NYC - Avenues: The World School, $56,400

At the eighth top rated of the most expensive high school in the US we have the Avenues: The World School in New York. Students at Avenues in New York City are the offspring of rich tech executives and famous movie stars. Suri Cruise, the child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is said to have attended Avenues. It’s also reported that every single student in Avenues would receive both a MacBook and an iPad, along with a school cafeteria that would rival most buffet restaurants in terms of quality and selection. To attend Avenues, parents have to pay a hefty $56,400 tuition price per year.

7. Pennsylvania - The Hill School, $61,410

The Hill School is an elite boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12. The school offers family-style lunches, family-night dorms, and chapel meetings to encourage students and faculty to create a family-like atmosphere.

The Hill School has a number of distinguished alumni, including a secretary of state and a secretary of treasury, as well as Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s father, and even President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

At The Hill School, students have to follow the dress code and wear “formal academic clothing” such as coats and ties for boys and “appropriate collar Oxford shirts” for girls whenever in public areas. Beyond the high-end facilities is a sky-high $65,000 yearly tuition.

6. Florida - IMG Academy, $63,000

The IMG Academy is both a boarding school and a sports training camp for student-athletes. The school hosts extremely large, mile-long weightlifting rooms, and fancy training facilities with huge fields. Students at this private school can access all of these extremely flashy and amazing facilities to achieve their goals in college, in sports, and beyond. But with top-of-the-line training facilities comes a great big $63,000-a-year tuition fee.

5. Massachusetts - The Berkshire School, $64,200

Founded in 1907, Berkshire School is a co-ed college preparatory boarding school, featuring ivy-covered forest and white structures on a 400-acre campus in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The campus hosts some of the best sports facilities in the New England area, so it's not surprising that Nike hosts its annual Running Camp there. In the picturesque campus, students can participate in after-school activities such as croquet club, dog walking club and bagpipes club. However, the annual tuition fee is a steep $64,200, more expensive than some of the colleges.

4. Illinois Brehm Preparatory School, $80,215

Brehm Preparatory School is a private school located in Carbondale, Illinois. It’s a boarding school for students with learning disabilities, ADD ADHD, Dyslexia. This coeducational institution employs a team of 150 personnel and only accommodates 90 students. This raises the level of competition for enrolment, but also makes sure that each student gets personalized instruction through one-to-one guidance. While this educational experience is likely a great one, over $80,000 per year is a pretty steep price to climb to.

3. Connecticut - Forman School, $85,900

Founded in 1930, Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut is the third most expensive high school on our list. It caters to students who have been diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia by providing classes that are thought to provide them with the keys to college. However, the annual charge for attending the institution is an eyebrow-raising $85,900.

Their campus is 125 acres of rural land with an innovation lab, robotics lab, dormitories, tennis courts, athletic facilities, and a large dining hall. They provide the lion’s share of the food on campus and offer cooking classes at the Lion’s Den Bistro, making lunchtime a really instructive experience. All Forman students are guided through an undergraduate preparatory course of study and the school has a 100% college acceptance rate.

2. Connecticut - The Pinnacle School, $101,975

Located in Stamford, Connecticut, the Pinnacle School is one of the most expensive private schools in the US. Students at this co-ed boarding school can have all the access to facilities and college prep academic programs for a whopping $101,975 tuition fees per year, which would be able to pay for whole four-year college studies.

The school especially prioritizes individualized learning programs that cater to gifted students as well as those having difficulties in learning, and help them develop into superior students who can continue their education.

1. New Hampshire - Shortridge Academy, $112,500

Shortridge Academy is the most expensive American high school on this list. It’s a therapeutic school offering academic programs with an empsshasis on college prep, charging students’ families $112,500 in yearly tuition.

Besides placing emphasis on a well-rounded education, it also focuses on mental and behavioral well-being of every students. Each student is assigned to a counsellor who can assist them in identifying problems, in addition to developing an individualized therapeutic plan. The 42 students who attend this school have opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities like Jitsu, hiking, weight training, music programs and so on. It makes sense for the school to be fairly expensive. Though it’s still unaffordable to the vast majority of American families.