7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Nobody wants to appear dowdy, frumpy, or older than they are. Here are 7 fashion mistakes that make you look older and several fashion tips. You will look more vibrant, refreshed, and younger by making a few simple changes!

1.Wrong-sized Or Deformed Bra

Wearing a wrong-sized bra may make you uncomfortable and your clothes will fit poorly. As a result, you will look appear to be heavier and older than you actually are. As we all know, the bra expands over time. And changes in weight and hormone levels can lead to the size of the breasts changes. So you will need a new bra if you have to use the tightest hooks rather than the loosest ones. It's suggested purchasing a new bra at least twice a year.

2.Out-of-date Glasses

Some eyeglasses, drugstore reading ones, may attract you for lower prices. But their dated design will actually make you look much older than you really are! You should ditch those and try some good frame glasses, which can help cover dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes. You should choose the modern glasses that fit your face well, as well as match your style.

3.No Proper Maintenance For Your Hair

The natural hair oil is less produced as we age, the hair may get dull and dry if it not get proper maintenance. Many hairstylists recommend using a glaze or hair oil in your daily hair-care routine, which will moisturize your hair and make it brighter. And a lustrous hair can definitely give you a more energetic impression. A simple, little habit that can make you look younger.

4.You Are Wearing Too Much Black

Indeed, black is always classic, slimming, and you can hardly go wrong with it in most occasions. However, you may look dull and older if you always wear in all black without any other colors. And it may emphasize your skin issues such as wrinkles, shadows, and dark circles under your eyes. Stylists think colors like beige, brown, camel, and gray are great replacement. Or you can also choose accessories to add bright colors for your black clothes.

5.Wrong Choice Of Flowery Patterns

Although flowery patterns are constantly in style, there are some particular ones you should steer clear of. The large, heavy, and strong floral prints may add years onto your whole look. For a fresher, younger spin on the look, you can choose a smaller, more delicate flower print with bright color. Or you can choose traditional patterns such as stripes, leopard, or polka dots. And don’t pile on coat and T-shirt with different floral patterns.

6.No Body Curves With Baggy Clothes

Oversized is a popular style that's cozy but challenging to get right. Wearing large tunics and baggy leggings give the impression that you are concealing something. It creates a shapeless silhouette and makes you look older. Style experts think it's better to wear oversized on only half of your body. You can choose items that draw attention to the parts you appreciate about your figure. For example, loose tops with slim-fitting pants, or a tight-fitting top paired with baggy jeans.

7.Incorrect Length Of Pants

Ill-fitting pants will make you look more frumpy than stylish, even if you're wearing the newest trend. For example, capris that end at mid-calf will highlight the widest part of your legs and make you look older and dumpier. According to stylists, you should be aware of your inseam and waist size. For most ladies, jeans that end just at the ankle is perfect to lengthen your legs, and make you appear younger and more vibrant.