6 Astonishing Homes of Celebrities That Are Absolutely Over-the-Top Lavish!

6 Astonishing Homes of Celebrities That Are Absolutely Over-the-Top Lavish!

We all know the celebrity life is luxurious. From private jets and expensive sports cars to lavish vacations and designer clothes, celebrities have it all. But what about their homes? From sprawling Mediterranean villas to modern glass mansions, these 5 celebrity homes are truly spectacular. Get ready to be wowed as you take a tour of some of the most mind-boggling celebrity mansions in the world. From sprawling infinity pools to private screening rooms, these famous abodes are fit for royalty. So get ready to be amazed and find out which celebrities live in these dream homes.

1. Oprah Winfrey and The Promised Land – $90 Million

In Montecito, California, Oprah Winfrey possesses a 42-acre property known as The Promised Land. The colossal estate encompasses a man-made lake, a massive avocado grove, rose gardens, horseback riding amenities, and a variety of multi-million dollar artwork pieces. Sadly, we don't think we will be invited to view it. As of now, Oprah has a total estimated fortune of over $2.6 billion, which she could certainly use to add to the Neo-Georgian house and its outdoor amenities.

2. Gwen Stefani Hollywood Hills Compound – $35 Million

There is absolute certainty that Gwen Stefani is a long-standing female pop star of her age. Her 12,000 sq/ft estate is situated in the Hollywood Hills, and it was formerly owned by Jennifer Lopez! It is called 'The Summit', and it is a walled and protected property with 6 bedrooms, 5 fireplaces, a guesthouse, and a lighted tennis court.

3. Sting’s Upscale NYC Penthouse – $50 Million

Sting started off his musical career in 1985 and has been continuously active since then. The enormous penthouse in New York City is situated in the 15 Central Park West property. Despite the fact that the penthouse is just 5,417 sq/ft, it boasts 43 feet of prime decking which overlooks Central Park. Furthermore, there is a light-filled swimming pool and gym, along with a private dining room, that complete the estate.

4. Ellen DeGeneres Santa Barbara Estate – $45 Million

Last year presented a number of challenges for Ellen, not least of which was the public uproar her show provoked. However, her estate in Santa Barbara offers some comfort in the face of adversity, with its ten thousand square feet and views of the Pacific. The home also boasts 18th-century Italian flooring, making it a truly stunning sight.

5. Howard Stern’s Palm Beach Home – $52 Million

Howard Stern's immense wealth was the result of being one of the most celebrated radio personalities of recent times. His 2013 acquisition of the Palm Beach manor was newsworthy in the locality. The abode possesses a dozen bedrooms and provides a breathtaking view of the sea. Furthermore, there are two distinct swimming pools, and his significant other has a wardrobe of 1000 square feet!

6. Tom Cruise and The Telluride Home – $59 Million

Tom Cruise is not only known for being an adventurous person, but also for owning a luxurious home in Telluride, Colorado. This huge estate is about 10,000 square feet and uses cedar timber and native stone to give it a unique, high-end look that still gives off a rustic vibe. It has its own trail map, sports courts (like basketball and tennis), and even a motocross track, so it's not really that rustic.

Living a life of luxury isn’t just for celebrities. With the right planning and a few simple tips, you can create a lavish home on a budget. From investing in quality materials to investing in designer furniture and fixtures, there are many ways to make your home look and feel luxurious. With the latest technology and high-tech security systems, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and secure.