The 8 Best Low-Calorie Alcohol for Weight Loss

The 8 Best Low-Calorie Alcohol for Weight Loss

Alcohol and weight loss never go hand in hand! But there are exceptions. Some alcoholic beverages are lower in calories than others. You can enjoy it once in a while. Here is a list of alcohol with calorie information:

1. Whiskey, 80 Proof

If you're a whisky lover, you're in luck, because 1 fl oz (29 ml or 27.8 grams) of whisky contains 62.4 calories.

2. Champagne

Raise your champagne, it's time to celebrate! Now you don't have to worry about the calories in your champagne when celebrating life's big events with family and friends. According to Medline, 118ml of champagne contains only 85 calories.

3. Gin, 80 Proof

Any gin lovers here? You're in luck - 30ml of gin contains only 65 calories.

4. Rum and Vodka, 80 Proof

The next best alcohol you can drink on a weight loss diet is rum and vodka -- 30 ml (1.5 fl oz) of rum and vodka contains only 97 calories.

5. Tequila

Want to start the party? Of course, you can have a glass of tequila. According to the USDA, tequila contains 97 calories.

6. Light Beer

Great news for beer lovers. Now you can drink light beer without worrying about consuming too many calories. According to the USDA, 12 fl oz (355 ml) of light beer has just 103 calories.

7. White wine

Spin, sip, and tap your tongue! White wines are widely loved for their rich, sweet, fruity flavors and pair well with poultry, fish and pork. Fruit is also good. Thankfully, your holiday or weekend mood won't be ruined by the fact that one serving of white or dry wine (5 fl oz or 147 ml) contains only 119 calories. So grab your glass and cheer!

8. Red Wine

Next time you're drinking red wine with friends, don't worry about calories. The USDA says one serving of red wine (5 fluid ounces or 148 milliliters) has 122 calories. Plus, the antioxidants in red wine are good for your heart.