How to Fight against Chronic Fatigue

How to Fight against Chronic Fatigue

How did you manage this situation? Imagining your brain feeling completely stuck, like you can’t form thoughts and be creative. You can’t write a word at all, when facing the computer for seven to eight hours. But worst of all, the deadline of your hand in paper is tomorrow. What should you do? Working overnight with smoking?

Actually we can meet more situation like this, or other more terrible cases: continuous working without a suitable break, too much pressure without timely relax, etc. At this moment, you will get into a state of chronic fatigue. And what followed you is the changing of your body condition.

For Your Brain

Excessive fatigue can cause neuroendocrine abnormalities, metabolic reduction, and the inability to meet the energy requirements of the cells. Seriously it affects the brain to work normally, resulting in memory decrease, and impaired cognition.

For Your Eyes

The physical supply can’t meet your body requirement. Your eyes will feel so bad. At this time, it will reduce the eye clarity. Not only do your glasses increase, but also it causes some eye diseases.

For Your Body

Fatigue puts the body into a state of stress. With the secretion of norepinephrine and epinephrine increased, temporarily it will increased 'comat effectiveness’ on your work. But the adrenal gland can't cope with long-term fatigue and excessive consumption, either.

For Your Heart

If the level of epinephrine and norkidney in plasma increases, it can affect the heart function, and may cause the heart throbbing, persistent tachycardia and other symptoms.

Chronic fatigue is often accompanied with the abnormal function of reproductive system. Especially, women may have irregular menstruation and sexual problem.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex, debilitating, long-term medical condition characterized by extreme fatigue that can't be fully understood by an underlying medical condition. The fatigue will be worsened with physical or mental activity, someone may recover or improve over time, but some will become severely affected and disabled for an extended period.

If you have at least four of the following symptoms, you might have already developed "chronic fatigue syndrome”.

Memory loss in short-term

Red and swollen joint pain

Can't pay more attention on one thing

• Headaches

• Pharyngalgia

• Energy cannot recover after full nights of sleep, or may struggle to stay awake, fall asleep or stay asleep.

• Lymph node pain

• Muscular soreness after physical or mental labor

• Greatly lowered ability to do activities that were usual before the illness

• Shortness of breath

• Irregular heartbeat

• Others

So many sever symptoms suggest people that "Fighting against fatigue" is quite important and urgent. If chronic fatigue cannot be timely treated for a long time, several treatable illnesses may occur: Lyme disease, sleep disorders, major depressive disorder, alcohol/substance abuse, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, mononucleosis (mono), lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic hepatitis and various malignancies.

So How to Fight against Fatigue?

Developing the habit of exercising regularly: Making simple changes such as sparing half an hour a day to do aerobic exercises such as walking, running, dancing, or taking the stairs are all easy ways to sneak in a bit of exercise, which can enhance the cardiopulmonary function, adjust the mental state.

Control the time of playing with your mobile phone: You can ask your friend to set your phone in "parent mode." and limit it to 12 o'clock, and change the bad habit of staying up late step by step.

Quit smoking: You may say smoking is a way of relaxing, but it takes more harmful things for you. A lot of disease are caused by smoking. Try to quit smoking and keep a journal so that you can have some type of inner reflection during this time.

Limit the time of hard working: Don't do hard work for too long time, try to take a break after some time.

Reduce the "retaliatory stay up late": Proper sleeping is essential if you want to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Relax before sleeping, such as meditation, or yoga are all good ways to help you drift off to sleep. Of course, you can choose a comfortable mattress, pillow, and blanket. Don’t sleep too late in the night.

Enough nutrition supplemented: To keep up with the body’s needs, you need to take some right zinc, iron, calcium and other nutritional elements to maintain daily physiological activities.

Hope you read this article, leave tired work, life alone as far as you can. Avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits, and commit to a healthy plan of action.