7 Worst Breakfast Habits That Damage Your Health

7 Worst Breakfast Habits That Damage Your Health

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. Your body hasn’t been eating during total eight sleeping hours, and breakfast breaks the fast as it kick-start your day by providing fuel for your body with nutrient. Numerous researches have proven that a balanced, nutrient-rich breakfast also helps boost your heart health, lower diabetes risks, as well as helping combat obesity. However, most of us are doing the unhealthy breakfast choices, which not only aren’t the nutritious options for our body, but also make us bloating and fat.

If you are looking for even more healthy eating tips, these are the worst breakfast habits that you might be doing every day, but can damage your health.

1.Not having adequate fluid

Your body has been dehydrated for at least7 hours while you’re sleeping. As you wake up in the morning, your body needs a lot of fluids. When getting enough fluids, the body's organs can work properly.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who underestimate how much water they drink when they wake up. Drink water before having breakfast helps fire up your metabolism, flush out toxins from the body, and prevent indigestion. It is recommended drink 16oz of water right after you wake up. But don’t drink coffee before eating breakfast as it can disrupt your digestive system.

2.You make sugary cereal your go-to

This breakfast is quick and easy to make, and it’s tasty for sure. But it’s full of added sugar, which can make your weight gain, lead to a spike in blood sugar, causing you carving for foods and overeating. Plus the cereal itself is a type of refined grains that stored in your body as unhealthy fat quickly. Swap for a healthier choice, and look for a “no sugar” added cereal, made from 100 percent whole grain.

3.Eat breakfast quickly

Be it breakfast or dinner, your brain requires time to reflect how much you consumed. An early study has shown that your brain doesn't show you're full until 15 to 20 minutes after you start eating. If you keep wolfing down and finish your food in 10 minutes or less, you may end up eating more than you need. In a study of 3,200 men and women, Japanese researchers found that eating too fast was strongly associated with obesity. A breakfast high in protein and fiber will keep you feeling full for longer time. So don’t just swallowing, give yourself time to sit down and enjoy the food served to you.

4.You watch the morning news while eating

Focusing on the TV can distract you from eating, as well as an appreciation for the taste and texture of the food you put in your mouth, and the size of the portion you're eating. People tend to gorge on what is served and eat more while concentrating on TV as they don’t really pay attention to how much they should eat. You may overeat as a result. Instead, turn off the TV and drop off the remote. Take the time to eat slowly and consciously, chew each bite consciously, and don't get distracted.

5.You eat on the go

Eat on the move might seem like the most convenient and time-effective option for us on days we have too many others to focus on. But eat on-the-go may have consequences on our overall health. Not paying attention to your food not only makes you eat more during a meal, it also makes you hungrier later.

6.Going for the "Grand Slam"

Don’t start your day with a “grand slam” with eggs, pancakes, bacons, sausages, hamburgers, pizza. A large breakfast with high-sodium and high-calorie will not only cause excessive burden to your digestive system, but also make your waistline gain. It takes a lot of time and work for your body to digest. Your stomach may get bloated and you will feel sluggish along the day.

7.Skip breakfast

Just skip breakfast could be one of the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made. Skipping out on your morning meals not only makes you lack of energy throughout the day, but also can damage your overall health and make your weight gain in the long run. A study found that those who skipped breakfast gained significantly more weight than those who eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast also makes you overeating. Don’t skip on your breakfast because of a snooze.