7 Annoying Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

7 Annoying Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

The gym is a place focused on fitness and wellness, at least for most people, but unfortunately some members use the place as their own personal playground. From grunts to prowlers to talkers, a lack of respect isn't why you sign up for.

1. Leave equipment sweaty

Of all the offensive things you can do, leaving sweat on a piece of equipment for someone else to wash is probably the worst. How do you want to clean after others? Additionally, soiling frequently used areas exposes people to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

2. Pressure other into giving up equipment

Don't be rude and wait your turn. Everyone's in the same boat; people are there to work out, not just do a quick warm-up because it's inconvenient for you.

3. Use machines for anything but working out

Treadmills are for people who run, not sit and talk about last night's party. Also don't use it as a device for complex lunges. You put yourself at risk of injury. Plus, you're taking the device away from the people who really need it.

4. Walk near someone exercising

Just like you want your space to do lunges or push-ups, other people need their space to do whatever exercises they plan. What if they get out of hand and land on you? You don't want someone to put their weight on your feet, don’t you?

5. Having loud conversations on your phone

No one has to listen to you. Yelling in the morning is especially annoying. People try to start the day in a positive way, and listening to your problems is not the way to go.

6. Sing Loudly

Music lifts you up; it has that effect on a lot of people. While there's nothing wrong with plugging in headphones at the gym, that doesn't mean you're free to sing your favorite tune. It's annoying and distracting. Remember, you are at the gym, not the karaoke bar.

7. Be late for a class

Late arrival can be incredibly disruptive as you rush into the studio may affect other in a really bad way. Next time if you’re going to attend a class, please arrive on time and be courteous of the other members.