Guide to Top Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificate

Guide to Top Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificate

Earning a salary while receiving free Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training in the United States can be a great way to start a career in healthcare without incurring significant costs. Here's a guide on how to achieve this:

1.Employer-Sponsored Programs

Many healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, offer free CNA training in exchange for a commitment to work for them for a specified period after certification. These programs often include:

• Paid Training: You may receive a stipend or hourly wage during your training period.

• Guaranteed Employment: A job offer upon successful completion of the training and certification.

Steps to find such programs:

• Research Local Facilities: Contact nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities in your area to inquire about CNA training programs.

• Job Listings: Look for job postings that mention free CNA training or training reimbursement.

• Career Fairs: Attend healthcare career fairs where employers may offer training opportunities.

2.Work-Study Programs

Some community colleges and vocational schools offer work-study programs that allow you to work part-time while attending CNA training. This can help you earn money while completing your education.

Steps to find work-study programs:

• College Financial Aid Office: Inquire about work-study opportunities related to healthcare programs.

• School Job Boards: Check for job postings that align with your training schedule.

3.State-Sponsored Programs

Certain states have initiatives to address the shortage of CNAs by providing free training programs. These programs may also offer stipends or other financial assistance.

Steps to find state-sponsored programs:

• State Health Department: Visit your state health department's website for information on CNA training programs.

• Workforce Development Centers: Check with local workforce development centers for state-funded training programs.


Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction. As an apprentice, you can earn a salary while learning the skills required to become a CNA.

Steps to find apprenticeship programs:

• Use the official government website to search for healthcare apprenticeships.

• Healthcare Associations: Contact local or national healthcare associations for information on apprenticeship opportunities.

5.Scholarships and Grants

Some organizations offer scholarships and grants specifically for CNA training. While this may not provide a salary, it can cover your training costs, allowing you to work part-time elsewhere.

Steps to find scholarships and grants:

• Scholarship Databases: Search databases like Fastweb or for CNA-specific scholarships.

• Local Healthcare Foundations: Contact local hospitals or healthcare foundations for grant opportunities.

Tips for Success

• Commitment: Be prepared to commit to working for the employer for a certain period after training if required.

• Research: Thoroughly research each program to understand the financial and time commitments.

• Prepare: Ensure you meet all prerequisites for CNA training programs, such as high school diplomas or equivalent, background checks, and physical exams.


By exploring employer-sponsored programs, work-study opportunities, state-sponsored initiatives, apprenticeships, and scholarships, you can find ways to earn a salary while receiving free CNA training. This approach allows you to gain valuable experience and start a rewarding career in healthcare without significant upfront costs.