The latest salary details for xpress drivers in 2024 are here

The latest salary details for xpress drivers in 2024 are here

Since trucking is one of the largest industries in the United States, there is a huge demand for truck drivers and other professionals. This means you have the opportunity to earn a good salary and enjoy a range of other benefits. If you're considering joining the U.S. Xpress team, you may want to know about the benefits they offer.

U.S. Xpress is one of the top five trucking companies in the United States and provides employment opportunities for many people. They offer various types of jobs, including driving jobs as well as management and financial positions.

Here are some of the most popular positions at United States Intermodal:

1.Dedicated Driver

Have a home time every day or week and can rely on consistent stops and locations. Pay increases as you need to stop and unload.

2.Regional Driver

Have a predictable schedule and consistent mileage, and get home every week.

3.Over the Road (OTR) Drivers

Average approximately 2,500+ miles per week with a predictable time home. They're using brand new Cascadia trucks that will change the driving experience. Only drivers with six months or more experience can apply to become OTR drivers.

4.Team Driver

Averages over 5,000 miles per week, using the newest trucks to complete the longest routes. They enjoy top store and loading priority, as well as top mileage bonuses.

American Intermodal locations include Chattanooga, Tenn., headquarters, as well as Indianapolis, Irving, Texas, Jacksonville, Fla., Markham, Ill., Oliver Branch, and Shippensburg, Pa., Places like Springfield, Ohio, and Tunnel Mountain, Georgia.

What benefits can you expect from working at United Transportation? Here are some common benefits:

Medical benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance, as well as life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, workers' compensation insurance, and short-term and long-term disability insurance. Remote work flexibility, including full-time telecommuting and a hybrid of remote and in-office work. Retirement benefits, company matching through 401(k). Wellness programs including on-site training camps, smoking cessation programs, health challenges and more. Employee salaries vary based on position type and experience level. For example, a fleet manager's salary increases with experience. Skill sets can also have an impact on salary for certain positions, with transport managers with negotiation skills or logistics support analytical skills commanding higher salaries, for example.