New government plan: Free walk-in bathtubs for seniors

New government plan: Free walk-in bathtubs for seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one older American falls every second, making it a leading cause of injury and even death. However, by converting a traditional bathtub to a walk-in tub, you can significantly reduce these risks and provide them with a safe and comfortable bathing experience.


The walk-in bathtub is designed to be lower than a traditional bathtub, making it easier for the elderly or people with limited mobility to enter and leave, and reducing the risk of falls.


Older adults can perform personal hygiene more independently and do not need to rely on help from others.


Walk-in bathtubs often feature comfortable seats, water jets, and massage functions to provide a more comfortable and relaxing bathing experience.

Sliding door design

Many walk-in tubs feature sliding door designs to make it easier for seniors to enter and exit while reducing the possibility of water splashing out.

Social Participation

With easier access to personal hygiene, older adults can participate in social activities and daily life with greater confidence.