How To Get Free Healthcare Training Programs And Certificate In 2024?

How To Get Free Healthcare Training Programs And Certificate In 2024?

There are several specific free healthcare training programs with certificates available through various organizations, educational institutions, and online platforms. Here’s a detailed list of some notable programs:

1.American Red Cross

Offers free CNA training programs in select locations across the United States and CNA certification.

2.Job Corps

Federally funded program for young adults aged 16-24, providing free education and vocational training, including healthcare fields. And various healthcare certifications depending on the specific training program (e.g., Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant)


Offers free courses in healthcare, nursing, public health, and more from universities like Yale, Stanford, and University of Michigan.


Provides free access to online courses from universities worldwide, including healthcare, medicine, and public health topics.


Offers various free courses in healthcare, including nursing, caregiving, and healthcare management.

6.National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Free online courses on various health topics, including clinical research and public health.

7.World Health Organization (WHO)

Free online courses on public health topics, disease outbreaks, and health emergencies.


Offers various free online courses related to healthcare and medicine, provided by universities and organizations around the world.

Lists free CNA training programs offered by various organizations and facilities across different states in the US.


Some Goodwill locations offer free or low-cost healthcare training programs through their workforce development services.

11.OpenLearn by The Open University

Provides free online courses on various health-related topics, including mental health, healthcare management, and more.

These programs can help you gain the necessary skills and certifications to start or advance your career in the healthcare field without incurring significant costs.