Get Free Dental Assistant Courses From Pacific Dental Services Will

Get Free Dental Assistant Courses From Pacific Dental Services Will

Pacific Dental Services (PDS) is a prominent dental support organization that provides business support services to dental offices across the United States. While PDS itself might not directly offer free dental assistant courses, there are several pathways and resources available that could help you access free or subsidized training in dental assisting, potentially through opportunities associated with PDS-affiliated offices.

Ways to Access Free Dental Assistant Training:

1.On-the-Job Training:

Some PDS-affiliated offices may offer on-the-job training for dental assistants. This can be a great way to gain practical experience while working.

2.Workforce Development Programs:

Local workforce development programs often provide funding for job training in high-demand fields, including dental assisting. These programs may cover the cost of training at accredited institutions or through partnerships with local employers.

3.Community Colleges and Vocational Schools:

Some community colleges and vocational schools offer dental assistant programs with financial aid options, grants, or scholarships that could cover the full cost of the program.

4.Non-Profit Organizations:

Look for non-profit organizations that offer free or low-cost healthcare training programs. These organizations sometimes partner with dental offices for hands-on training opportunities.

5.Employer-Sponsored Programs:

Some employers, including those affiliated with PDS, may sponsor their employees to take dental assistant courses or reimburse the cost of certification upon completion.

Additional Resources:

• American Dental Association (ADA): The ADA provides information on accredited dental assistant programs and career resources.

• Dental Assisting National Board (DANB): Offers certification resources and information on becoming a certified dental assistant (CDA).

• Dental Assistant Schools and Programs: Websites that list accredited dental assistant programs, including financial aid options.

• While direct free courses from Pacific Dental Services may not be available, leveraging these resources and pathways can help you find opportunities to receive dental assistant training at little to no cost.