How to Find Abandoned Houses

How to Find Abandoned Houses

Views on abandoned houses vary; some perceive them as eyesores, while others see opportunities for adventure. Discovering these properties can be done through online research, but the most effective method is driving through neighborhoods and exploring. However, before entering an abandoned house, whether for exploration or potential purchase, it is crucial to obtain permission from the property owner or notify law enforcement. Trespassing on private property carries the risk of fines or even jail time, emphasizing the importance of respecting legal boundaries when engaging with abandoned structures.

To locate abandoned houses near you, consider the following methods:

Online Searches:

Conduct searches on online real estate websites and property databases. You may discover abandoned houses listed for various reasons. If you have a specific address in mind, search for it online to gather more information.

Neighborhood Exploration:

Drive through neighborhoods where you suspect abandoned houses might be present. Exercise caution and, if needed, bring a friend or family member for safety. Exploring during daylight hours is advisable.

Community Engagement:

Talk to neighbors residing near the suspected abandoned house. Knock on doors of neighboring homes, inquire about the property, and ask if they have information on its status. Local residents often have valuable insights into the history of properties in the area.

Property Inspection:

While refraining from entering the property, you can still gather information about the state of the house by observing its exterior. Take note of any visible signs of neglect or abandonment. This can help you assess the condition of the property without trespassing.

Government Records:

Check with the city or county records office using the street address. Access property tax records and other relevant documents that may reveal details about the last known owner. Government records can provide valuable insights into the history and ownership of the property.

Always prioritize safety and legal considerations when exploring or researching abandoned houses. Obtain necessary permissions, and avoid trespassing to ensure a lawful and secure process.

When exploring an abandoned property, follow these guidelines:

Gather Information:

Collect details about the property, such as its history and previous occupants. This information can lead you to the current or former owner, making it easier to seek permission for exploration or photography.

Obtain Permission:

Always seek permission before entering an abandoned house. Trespassing is illegal and may result in fines or legal consequences. Contact the property owner or, if unavailable, attempt to get consent from the appropriate authorities.

Notify Local Police:

If you're unable to locate the property owner or receive permission, contact the local police department. Inform them of your interest in exploring the property and inquire about any legal requirements or restrictions.

Safety Precautions:

Exercise caution and prioritize safety when exploring abandoned houses. Choose daylight hours for exploration and bring along a friend for added security. Be aware of potential hazards and take necessary precautions to minimize risks.

Respectful Exploration:

Adhere to the principle of "take nothing but photographs" and "leave nothing but footprints." Minimize intentional disturbances to the property, respecting its historical or sentimental value. Preserve the environment as much as possible during your exploration.