How Much Does an Average House Cleaning Service Cost in 2024?

How Much Does an Average House Cleaning Service Cost in 2024?

Every home is unique, which means every home cleaning routine will be slightly different. The size of your home, its layout and the number of people who call it home will all affect how much you'll pay. How house cleaning companies determine their prices can also vary, read on to see detailed charges

The normal range of professional house cleaning is $100 – $300

According to Angie, House cleaning services cost around $200, on average, but prices range from $100 to $300 based on the size of your home.

That’s right, a new year means new habits for a new you. Talking about habits, all the holidays have passed, and so, there’s a lot to clean up inside your house, right? This is a great opportunity for you to change your house cleaning habits this 2024.

But if you’re too busy to be a house cleaner, might as well hire a maid service to do this for you. House cleaning services are the go-to option for homeowners when they need help with house cleaning. There are many house cleaning companies that can help you restore the cleanliness of your home. They can offer weekly cleaning service or even monthly. It actually depends on what you prefer.

You’ve decided to hire a maid service, but do you know the latest house cleaning prices? If not, then you’re in the right place as we’re going to talk about house cleaning costs today.

An Update of House Cleaning Pricing Guide 2024

In 2024, the price of house cleaning is between $180 to $230. This is only for cleaning a house with three bedrooms. Basically, house cleaning prices range from how many bedrooms you have and their measurements. Another good thing about maid services is that they bring their supplies. So, to be sure you’re getting the best rate in your city, it’s best to get a free quote from many different house cleaning companies first. Know how much you’ll have to pay per hour or if you need to pay them a flat fee.

What’s the breakdown of House Cleaning Prices

You now have an idea of the average cost of house cleaning. Perhaps, you might want also to know the breakdown. A cleaning company would have the following breakdown for their house cleaning costs:

•Labor costs

•Cleaning supplies

•Overhead costs



These are the main components of a particular house cleaning cost. House cleaning companies can give you a ballpark estimate for the professional cleaning service you’ll be availing from them. This can be expressed in an hourly rate or fixed fee. We can give you one since we want to help you make the best decision in choosing a house cleaning service.

Types of Cleaning Services and their Prices

The average cost of professional house cleaning services fluctuates in 2024. Most commodities are hitting price hikes, and With all commodity prices hitting above the ceiling, finding a local cleaner with cheaper prices is hard to find. What you would want to get is a reasonable price for your regular cleaning service needs

Cleaning companies are dedicated to giving you the best outcome for a sparkling clean home. We are proud to say that we’re offering competitive rates for our services. We are happy to walk you around our services and rates.

Deep House Cleaning Services Prices

To set your expectations, deep house cleaning can help you get the best results rather than just a standard house cleaning. This thorough cleaning can guarantee the removal of all scum, grime, dust, and dirt in your house. We go beyond basic cleaning and ensure a sparkling cleaning outcome.

Below are our updated thorough house cleaning rates:

4 Hours of Cleaning The overall cost for four hours of thorough cleaning is $199. You can buy an extra service at $55 per hour per house cleaner.

5 Hours of Cleaning The cleaning cost for this package is $269 for five hours of deep cleaning. You can request additional service at an hourly rate of $55 per house cleaner.

6 Hours of Cleaning Our house cleaners will do six hours of deep cleaning service at a cleaning cost of $309. If you request additional time for cleaning, the hourly rate is $55 for one house cleaner.

7 Hours of Cleaning For a price of $359, our house cleaners will do deep cleaning for seven hours. If you need more hours, you can purchase at $55 per hour per house cleaner.

8 Hours of Cleaning Deep cleaning costs for eight hours will be $399. If you need to extend an hour for deep cleaning, you can buy $55 per hour per house cleaner.

How much is Move Out Cleaning Cost?

There will come a time when you need to relocate to another house, apartment, or office, right? When that happens, your landlord will oblige you to clean your area before leaving, otherwise, you won’t get your security deposit.

If you don’t have the time to deep clean your house or apartment, you can hire a move-out cleaning near you. This cleaning service will take out the burden of ensuring your rented space is clean and organized before finally leaving.

Are you concerned about how much that will cost you? Here is our updated guide for move-out cleaning costs:

4 Hours of Cleaning We offer four hours of comprehensive move-out cleaning at $220.

5 Hours of Cleaning This move-out cleaning service costs around $275.

6 Hours of Cleaning Enjoy a sparkly clean outcome from our six hours of move-out cleaning at $330.

7 Hours of Cleaning For an affordable price of $385, you get to enjoy our seven hours of move cleaning service.

8 Hours of Cleaning Our eight hours of move-out cleaning is around $440. A competitive rate to help you impress your landlord, so you can get your security deposit seamlessly.

How much is deep cleaning per square foot?

Aside from an hourly rate for house cleaning, we also find it more accessible for homeowners to understand house cleaning costs based on square footage. The larger your house, the higher will be the cost of the service. If you request additional cleaning services like window cleaning, there will be an added fee on top of our flat fee for house cleaning per square foot.

Here are some of our latest thorough house cleaning price guides for 2024 based on square footage:

•For a 1,500-square-foot space, our house cleaning cost is $349.

•For a 2,000-square-foot area, it would cost $419 for a deep cleaning service.

•For a 2,500-square-foot space, the price of the services is around $459.

•For a property with 3,000 square-foot space, it’s roughly $499.

•For properties with more than 3,500 square feet, the house cleaning cost will be around $599.

We offer very competitive rates for those who are looking for quality service for a reasonable price. We’re your trusted house cleaning services to call if you need help in getting your home a fresh and clean vibe.

House Cleaning Pricing Guide by Room

House cleaning prices also fluctuate based on the number of rooms. The rule of thumb, the more rooms to clean, the higher will be the price of a professional house cleaning service. That’s because you will need more house cleaners and consume more cleaning supplies to deeply clean all rooms.

You can ask the cleaning professional if the price goes down and if you can provide your own cleaning supplies for them to use with their services. But most professional house cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning supplies, so it’ll be worthwhile if you let them bring their own supplies for professional cleaning services.

How much is the average house cleaning cost for a 1-bedroom, 1-bath house?

A cleaning professional would charge around $100 for a standard cleaning job for a 1-bed, 1-bath house. They can also bill you per hour depending on the complexity of the work. To set your expectations for standard cleaning services, it would most likely include the following:

•Dusting and vacuuming of floors and upholsteries

•Emptying trash bins

•Scrubbing your sink and countertop

•Cleaning your bathroom and toilet

•Washing the dishes

•Wiping the dust off on all surfaces

•Light window cleaning

If we look into deep cleaning and move-out cleaning services, the price will be around $210 and $235, respectively, in 2024. Take note, that different house cleaning companies charge differently for their house cleaning services. That said, it would be best if you could request free estimates from all house cleaning services near you.

What if you have a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house, how much is the final cost of professional cleaning services?

For this one, a cleaning company would charge an additional fifty percent on top of their flat fee for cleaning a 1-bed, 1-bath house. This is not true for all, but most cleaning companies charge higher for more rooms to clean. Instead of $200, you will pay around $300 for cleaning your 3-bed, 2-bath house. This is for standard cleaning while for deep and move-out cleaning, the approximate prices will be around $360 and $400, respectively.

Standard cleaning is always cheaper since it will just be light cleaning of the house. If you want your local house cleaners to do more intricate house cleaning duties, expect a higher house cleaning cost per room or hour. But worry not since a house cleaning company can give you a cheaper flat fee for your cleaning needs.

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