How large is your yard? The cost of grass cutting service is cheaper than you think!

How large is your yard? The cost of grass cutting service is cheaper than you think!

Is the grass growing like crazy in your yard? Lawn mowing services are cheaper than you think! "Lawn care experts at your service! Whether it's mowing, fertilizing or pest control, we can do it."

  1. Lawn mowing Service content: Professional mowing tools and techniques to ensure uniform lawn height and neat edges. Frequency: Depending on lawn growth, usually once a week. Benefits: Keep the lawn tidy and beautiful, promote healthy lawn growth, and prevent weed invasion.

  2. Fertilize Service content: Provide professional fertilization services, including organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, according to the type and growth stage of the lawn. Frequency: Spring and autumn are the main fertilizing seasons. Benefits: Provide necessary nutrients, enhance the lawn's ability to resist pests and diseases, and promote the healthy growth of the lawn.

  3. Weeding Service content: Manual weeding or the use of specialized herbicides to completely remove weeds. Frequency: Depending on weed growth, usually once a month. Benefits: Prevent weeds from competing with the lawn for nutrients and water, and keep the lawn tidy.

  4. Pest and disease control Service content: Regularly inspect the lawn, promptly detect and deal with pest and disease problems, and use environmentally friendly prevention and control methods. Frequency: Quarterly or as needed. Benefits: Prevent and control pests and diseases, protect lawn health.

  5. Ventilation Service content: Use professional aeration equipment to loosen the soil and improve soil permeability and drainage. Frequency: Once or twice a year, usually in spring and fall. Benefits: Promotes root health and enhances the lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients.

  6. Reseeding and restoration Service content: Repair damaged lawns and replant grass seeds to ensure uniform and beautiful lawns. Frequency: Depending on lawn damage, usually once a year. Benefits: Repairs bare and sparse areas of lawn and maintains overall lawn health.