House Painter Wanted,$40 An Hour!

House Painter Wanted,$40 An Hour!

We are recruiting full-time house painters with high wages (starting at $40/hour). If you are interested, please contact us and submit your resume! Looking forward to having you join our team.

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Position details:

Salary: Starting at $40 per hour


•Free room and board

•Fully insured


Job Type:

Every Monday to Friday 9.30~11.30 and 15.00~18.00

Wekend off

If you need to work overtime, you will be paid double wages + days off.

Complete job description

Department: Operations

Reports to: Director of Facilities

Status: Non-Exempt – Full Time

Salary Range: $40+/hour (depending on experience)

Job Summary: The Painter is responsible for the actual painting of all areas within the project, including interior and exterior repairs, prep, plastering, etc. The painter will also refinish and stain/shellac the woodwork.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•Painting of walls, doors, floors, equipment, furniture and any other specified items.

•Restoration and staining of wood products such as doors, wall coverings, display racks, etc.

•Drywall repair, refinishing and painting.

•Performs all painting-related repairs, maintenance and projects as assigned.

•Keep an adequate inventory of all paints, stains, and supplies

Eligibility and special requirements:

•No academic requirements

•No experience required

•No age limit

•Should have computer skills including Word, Excel, and Google Applications (preferred)

•Ability to lift and carry heavy objects.

•Must know the safest methods to use when performing strenuous labor

•Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those with whom you come into contact in the course of work.

•Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions quickly and accurately.

•Ability to perform manual and custodial tasks for long periods of time, often against deadlines.

•Ability to work flexibly, including early mornings and weekends when necessary

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and consider DEIA part of our culture. We offer an outstanding benefits package in our hybrid workplace.

Please log in to our website and submit your resume, and if your application meets our needs we will contact you to continue the process.