Hiring Commercial Roofer for $40 an hour

Hiring Commercial Roofer for $40 an hour

We are recruiting full-time Commercial Roofers with high salaries (starting at $40/hour). If you are interested, please contact us and submit your resume! Looking forward to having you join our team.

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Position details:

Salary: US$1,300 per week/US$67,000 per year/starting salary of US$40+ per hour


Free room and board

Medical, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, Life Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement, Retirement Plan, Paid Time Off! We pay weekly

Job Type:


Shifts and schedule:

Every Monday to Friday 9.30~11.30 and 15.00~18.00

weekend off

If you need to work overtime, you will be paid double wages + days off.

Complete job description

Department: Operations

Reports to: Director of Facilities

Status: Non-Exempt – Full Time

Salary Range: $40+/hour (depending on experience)

Job Summary: Responsible for installing, inspecting, repairing and maintaining roofs with asphalt, tile, shingles or metal. Tasks include installing, replacing and repairing drain pipes and gutters. Questions will be directed to the supervisor. Roofers are subject to general supervision and may direct the work of workers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•Fasten built-up shingles or boards to the roof with asphalt, cement, or nails.

•Cut the roofing paper to size and nail the paper to the roof in overlapping strips to form the base of the roofing material.

•Clean and maintain equipment.

•Clear snow, water, or debris from your roof before applying roofing materials.

•Use spray guns, air compressors and heaters to insulate, soundproof and seal buildings with foam.

•Use a punch and hammer to create holes in flagstone, ceramic tile, terracotta, or shingles.

•Use a rake or stiff-bristled broom to spread gravel or pebbles over the top layer.

•Apply layers of hot bitumen or tar and roofing paper alternately until the roof coverage is completed as specified.

•Overlap successive layers of roofing material, using a chalk line, a gauge on a shingle ax, or a line on a shingle to determine the overlap distance.

•Cut and install flashing battens into the angle formed by the wall, vent, and intersecting roof surfaces.

•When applying asphalt or tar and gravel to a roof, drag or pour hot asphalt or tar onto the roof foundation.

•Align the roofing material with the edge of the roof.

•Build and inspect scaffolding.

•Cut or install flashing strips.

•Check roofs, gutters and drains for leaks and damage.

•Make minor repairs during inspection.

•Report structural deficiencies or major modification needs to supervisor.

•Repair the roof by removing the old covering, replacing the waterproofing material and mixing it with the remaining roof covering.

•Repair and replace gutters and downspouts.

•Unblock roof drains and clogged pipes.

•Perform workshop work and construct metal items for roof repairs.

•Fabrication and installation of metal shrouds and similar items.

•Any other projects or tasks required to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the business.


We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and consider DEIA part of our culture. We offer an outstanding benefits package in our hybrid workplace.

Please log in to our website and submit your resume, and if your application meets our needs we will contact you to continue the process.