Get Free Online Courses And How To Get Certified In 2024

Get Free Online Courses And How To Get Certified In 2024

Are you looking for free online courses with certificates launching in 2024? We provide free online courses in various subjects from major famous universities in the United States. Click below for more details.


How to take free online courses to get certificate certification in 2024?

Choose a Platform: Select a reputable online learning platform that offers free courses with certifications. Some popular options include Coursera, edX, Udemy, and Khan Academy.

Browse Course Catalog: Explore the course catalog of your chosen platform to find courses that align with your interests and career goals. Look for courses that offer certifications upon completion.

Enroll in Courses: Once you've found suitable courses, enroll in them for free. Create an account on the platform if required and follow the enrollment instructions for each course.

Complete Course Requirements: Attend video lectures, complete reading assignments, participate in quizzes or exams, and submit assignments as required by the course syllabus. Make sure to meet all the requirements to qualify for certification.

Obtain Certification: After successfully completing the course requirements, you'll be eligible to receive a certificate of completion or certification. Follow the platform's instructions to claim your certificate, which may involve passing a final exam or assessment.

Showcase Your Certification: Add your certifications to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers or academic institutions.

Remember to verify the credibility of the online learning platform and the certification offered before enrolling in any course. Additionally, stay updated with the latest offerings and opportunities for free online courses with certifications.

What free online courses with certificates can I take?

There are numerous free online courses that offer certificates upon completion. Here are some popular platforms where you can find such courses:


Coursera offers a wide range of courses from universities and organizations worldwide. Many courses are free to audit, and you can earn a certificate by completing all course requirements.


Founded by Harvard University and MIT, edX provides free courses from top universities and institutions. Certificates are available for a fee, but financial assistance may be available for eligible learners.


Udemy features a vast collection of courses on various topics, including technology, business, personal development, and more. While many courses require payment for certification, some offer free certificates upon completion.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy offers free courses primarily focused on academic subjects such as math, science, economics, and humanities. Certificates are not typically provided, but the platform is valuable for learning foundational knowledge.

Google Digital Garage:

Google Digital Garage offers free courses on digital marketing, data and tech, career development, and more. Certificates are available for some courses upon completion.


FutureLearn provides courses from universities and cultural institutions worldwide. While most courses are free to access, certification may require payment. However, financial aid options are available.


Alison offers free online courses on a variety of subjects, including IT, business, health, and languages. Certificates are available for all completed courses at no cost.

These platforms offer a diverse range of courses, allowing you to find options that suit your interests and career goals. Be sure to explore their catalogs and enroll in courses that align with your learning objectives.