Where Can You Take CPA Courses Online? What To Know

Where Can You Take CPA Courses Online? What To Know

Studying is a crucial part of your CPA exam success story, and taking CPA courses online can streamline the preparation process. A CPA prep course can help you study the concepts covered by the exam and understand how they apply.

Read on to explore five of the best CPA prep courses based on pass rates, student reviews and industry recognition. We also list several free resources and study materials to help you ace the CPA exam.

Online CPA Prep Courses To Consider

The following CPA prep courses offer supportive materials to help you pass your exam. Each has varying qualities, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Surgent CPA Exam Review

Surgent CPA Exam Review aligns its curriculum with exam updates, ensuring you get the most current information and study techniques to pass the exam. The course boasts an average pass rate of 92% for students who complete the entire curriculum.

UWorld CPA Review

UWorld CPA Review helps you pass the CPA exam in as little as three months. The platform uses smart technology to identify what topics you understand and which topics you may need more help with, lending to its 94% CPA exam pass rate.

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review offers all-inclusive CPA exam prep packages featuring adaptive learning technology, simulations, study planners and trackers, mini exams, a mobile study app and final practice exams.

Other CPA Exam Study Materials

In that case, free CPA exam study materials are also useful. AICPA offers numerous free prep tools, like the Uniform CPA Examination Blueprints, which highlight the content covered in each exam section and feature sample practice tests.

Webinars and videos. Browse YouTube for CPA prep videos or join webinars through CPA test prep companies. For example, Becker provides webinars on the new changes to the CPA exam and preparing for test day. Gleim hosts webinars focused on different test-taking tips. You can also browse AICPA’s upcoming virtual events.

Books and study guides. CPA exam study guides and books cover everything from improving your time management skills to enhancing your understanding of risk assessment. Several top educational publishers like McGraw-Hill and Wiley have highly rated CPA study guides.

Practice exam questions. Several accounting organizations and test prep companies offer free CPA practice exam questions and simulations to help you understand what to expect from the exam. For example, the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants provides test questions for each core with immediate scoring.

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