Cost Assistance For Ductal Cancer Patients

Cost Assistance For Ductal Cancer Patients

Ductal cancer treatment costs can be high, especially without health insurance. However, there are affordable insurance plans available, and those with low incomes may qualify for free options. Eligibility depends on various factors like age, location, income, and household composition.


If you require help with prescription drug expenses related to ductal cancer treatment, consider reaching out to the following organizations for assistance:

The Assistance Fund

Provides financial aid to eligible individuals for covering out-of-pocket treatment costs, including co-pays, health insurance premiums, and other incidental medical expenses.

Komen Financial Assistance Program

Offers financial aid for eligible individuals requiring specific oral medications for breast cancer, such as hormonal therapy or chemotherapy drugs.

Various organizations offer need-based financial grants to assist individuals with breast cancer-related expenses. Here are some options:

Susan G. Komen’s Komen Financial Assistance Program

Provides aid for daily living expenses and oral treatment medicines.

The Pink Fund’s 90-Day Grant Program

Covers living expenses for individuals in active breast cancer treatment.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund

Offers one-time grants for non-medical expenses during breast cancer treatment.

Expect Miracles Foundation’s SAMfund Grants

Provides financial assistance for young adults with breast cancer history.

Cancer and Careers

Offers grants for living expenses and skill development during cancer treatment.

United Breast Cancer Foundation’s Individual Grant Program

Supports various expenses for breast cancer patients.

Patient Advocate Foundation’s Co-Pay Relief Program

Assists insured individuals with medical prescription coverage.

Infinite Strength

Provides rent or mortgage assistance for solo parents with metastatic breast cancer.

Allyson Whitney Foundation

Offers grants for young adults in breast cancer treatment or post-treatment.