Clinics across Canada offer free dental care to seniors

Clinics across Canada offer free dental care to seniors

Many Canadian seniors are troubled by their dental problems and are worried about the high prices, which makes them suffer from physical and mental distress. Starting in June, clinics across Canada will provide free dental care services to seniors. These services are designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy basic oral health, regardless of financial status.

Mary in Ontario: A Journey to Regain Her Smile

Mary, 67, lives in Ontario. After retirement, her income was limited, and dental health gradually became a problem for her. By chance, she saw the government's free dental care service on the community bulletin board. Mary decided to give it a try, so she contacted the local clinic and successfully made an appointment for her first dental check-up after a simple qualification review.

During the first check-up, the dentist found that Mary had several cavities that needed to be filled and some tartar that needed to be cleaned. All the treatments were completed in a few appointments. Mary not only restored healthy teeth, but also learned a lot about daily oral care. Now, Mary can smile confidently every day, and she is grateful.

John and his wife in British Columbia

John and his wife Nancy are both in their 70s. After retirement, their lives are simple and happy, but as time goes by, dental problems frequently bother them. Once, John accidentally saw a flyer in the library introducing the free dental care services provided by the local clinic.

They went to the clinic with a try-it mentality. After evaluation, it was found that they both needed teeth cleaning and some filling treatments. After a few treatments, John and Nancy's dental problems were well resolved, and they were amazed at the professionalism and meticulousness of the service. Now, they can enjoy every meal without worry and are no longer embarrassed by dental problems.

Paul in Quebec:

Paul, 72, lives in Montreal. He has not been able to receive regular dental care for many years due to financial difficulties. During a community health lecture, he learned that Quebec provides free dental care services for the elderly. Paul took immediate action, contacted a nearby clinic and registered.

After several treatments, Paul's dental problems have been greatly improved. Not only did he regain healthy teeth, but he also improved his overall health. Paul is very grateful that these services have allowed him to experience the beauty of healthy life again.

Through this service, the elderly no longer ignore dental health due to financial problems and regain the joy of life.