Best Free Online Theology Degrees for Seniors in 2024

Best Free Online Theology Degrees for Seniors in 2024

Studies in theology are still very much relevant today. There are religious-related stories in the news almost every day, and there is a high demand in several professions for those with a theology background. Theology programs prepare people to serve as pastors, missionaries, educators, or to work in Christian charities.

Free Exploration: Dallas Theological Seminary

•Focus: Dive into specific books of the Bible or broader Christian themes.

•Benefits: Free access to seminary-level courses, explore the core of Christianity.

•Considerations: Self-paced learning with no degree awarded, limited scope compared to full programs.

Affordable Option: Franciscan University of Steubenville

•Focus: Earn a Bachelor's in Theology with a Catholic perspective.

•Benefits: Combines philosophical and Catholic traditions, prepares for ministry or graduate studies.

•Considerations: Requires full degree commitment with associated costs, may not align with all religious backgrounds.

Flexible Learning: Concordia University-Wisconsin

•Focus: Accelerated online Bachelor's in Theology Studies.

•Benefits: Tailored for spiritual growth and church careers, allows for flexible learning pace.

•Considerations: Longer credit commitment and tuition costs compared to the free option.

Lutheran Focus: Grand View University

•Focus: Bachelor's in Theology with a Lutheran perspective.

•Benefits: Strong foundation in liberal arts, prepares for diverse careers like social work or ministry.

•Considerations: Requires full degree program commitment with tuition costs.

Financial Aid Available:

All these universities offer financial aid options for qualified students.

Beyond Religious Studies: While theology delves into religious traditions, the skills you acquire – critical thinking, research, and communication – can be valuable in various fields.

Choose Wisely: Consider your budget, career goals, and preferred learning style (free, self-paced vs. structured degree) when selecting your program.