Become A Nursing Assistant By Taking Cna Classes Online

Become A Nursing Assistant By Taking Cna Classes Online

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified nursing assistants are a job that is in high demand. Now you can get certified as a nursing assistant through online CNA courses! Here’s what you need to know about online CNA courses and how to take them for free:

Steps to Become a CNA

· Earn a high school diploma or GED certificate

· Complete a hybrid or in-person state-approved CNA program

· Apply for CNA certification in your state

· Pass a background check and drug screening

· Pass a medical/physical exam

· Pass your state’s CNA certification exam

What online CNA courses are about?

The curriculum for CNA classes online covers the same topics as in-person CNA programs:

· CNA responsibilities, such as taking vital signs and helping patients with their activities of daily living

· Infection control

· Injury prevention

· Nutrition and hydration for patients

· Common diseases

· Anatomy

· Effective communication

You can also gain hands-on experience during in-person clinical hours at a local facility, like a hospital, long-term care facility, or nursing home. Each state sets specific CNA program standards and curriculum requirements, but they are generally similar across states.

How to Get Free Online CNA Courses?

Search for online education platforms: Browse online education platforms such as Coursera, edX, and Udemy to search for free online CNA courses.

Contact a Local Healthcare Provider or Community College:
Contact a local healthcare provider, nursing school, or community college that may offer free or financially-aided training opportunities to qualified students.

Government Funding Programs:
Some government funding programs may offer free or subsidized CNA training opportunities.

Online Nursing Associations:
Some professional nursing associations and organizations may offer free online CNA courses.

Online CNA Program time

As the American Red Cross notes, you can complete CNA training in weeks. Exact durations vary among training providers, but many online programs have completion timelines of 5-6 weeks.

Once you complete the CNA online course, you can earn a free CNA certificate and move on to a nursing assistant career.